Jesse Santana In Leather, Jesse Santana In A Suit, Jesse Santana In Jeans…

Jesse Santana in a hat, Jesse Santana in a barn, Jesse Santana naked, Jesse Santana in a flannel, Jesse Santana topping, Jesse Santana bottoming…

Jesse Santana with his penis piercing in, Jesse Santana with his penis piercing out, Jesse Santana sitting on a dick, Jesse Santana sitting on a desk…how do you take your Jesse Santana? (If you said, “all of those ways,” then you would be correct.)

To celebrate Jesse Santana, here are all the recent looks that Jesse Santana has adopted for his various Raging Stallion movies, including Blue Collar, Cowboys, Back Alley, Rugburn, Suited For Sex, Get Some, and Need It Bad. All the scenes are playing in various formats on the Raging Stallion and Hard Friction membership sites, and if you can get through any one of them in a single viewing, then you are either blind or dead.

Why am I celebrating Jesse Santana today? Uhh, why not?

Clip from Get Some with Valentin Petrov (watch in full):


[Cowboys: Lawson Kane Fucks Jesse Santana]

Clip from Need It Bad with Dylan Hyde (watch in full):


Still with me??

Finally, a clip from Rugburn with Tyler Hunt (watch in full):


[Raging Stallion; Hard Friction]


18 thoughts on “Jesse Santana In Leather, Jesse Santana In A Suit, Jesse Santana In Jeans…”

  1. I heart Jesse Santana! He’s so hot, has so many yummy looks AND he’s a sweet heart! yay! Thanks for the shots at the Cybersocket Awards Jesse… can’t wait to film you humpin one day. big kiss… mr. Pam

  2. Jesse has always struck me as a generally good guy, and so handsome. Maybe we could have a week of him? Jesse Santana History Month? The Year of Santana? . . .too much?

  3. It’s simple president Obama should declare a national day of celebration of the wonder that is Jessie, and erect a monument in Washington so that we may all worship his god amongst men!

  4. getting more attractive? Hmm matter of taste and debate. BUT he’s still got it and as a bottom he belongs to my top ten i guess, great ass and great kisser

  5. omg I keep coming back to this page tonight. Love it. Love him. & I have ever since he showed up on corbin fisher. & he keeps getting more & more attractive. :)

  6. Jesse looks good in and out of clothes full stop. He gets better as he gets older, he’s grown into quite the sexy beast the last couple of years.

  7. Whoa! The chest fuzz, the tats, the nipple rings, the PA… Jesse’s morphing into quite the bear (I give him another ten years before he’s truly there). Just don’t head into TitPig territory with those nip rings, please, Jess.

    1. I’m with you on this one he has the features of your average bear, yet he doesn’t look anywhere near your average bear! It’s those things that I love about him and that sets him apart. Even when he first came out as a twink, something about him made him so damn hot, and I normally despise twinks.

  8. Tired of the bullshit

    It’s a good day to celebrate Jesse! That pic of him riding Tyler Hunt’s cock is fucking amazing! Love seeing a boys cock hard when he’s being stuffed!

    1. Shit, I’ll marry him pierced, bleeding, blistered and scabbed. I know it’s a bad idea to fall in love with a pornstar, but Jesse is something else.

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