Aiden Ward, Jimmy Fit

Jimmy Fit & Aiden Ward Reveal Their Sexting Preferences

We hope you’re a fan of behind-the-scenes footage from porn sets, because the boys over at Hot House keep pushing out new BTS clips from Skintight and we can’t get enough of it! We already told you about one video with Jimmy Fit describing what it was like to get fucked by a pool cue, but now Jimmy is back with Aiden Ward to discuss sexting preferences.

In the video, the boys are on the Skintight set and tasked to reveal whether they would prefer getting X-rated photos from other guys or if they would rather receive an incredibly descriptive sext. Jimmy was first to say his answer and while he said that he’d prefer a nude, it’s not the worst thing in the world if he doesn’t see what he’s working with beforehand.

“But you know what?” spilled Jimmy. “There are times that I have not received any nude photos and I just gotta go with my gut and it always works out.”

Aiden then told Jimmy that when he’s sending off suggestive text, he actually prefers a dirty sext and can get tired of shooting off constant dick pics.

“I love receiving dirty photos, but a descriptive text is what I go out for when I’m sending something,” said the big dick porn star. “How many times can I send a boner photo? It’s just a different background basically every time. It looks the same in every photo.”

Eventually, the two did end up agreeing that the ultimate thing to receive is a dirty voice message. Aiden even says that he’s currently in communication with someone on Instagram who send him dirty voice memos that make him cum. Sounds hot!

What about you though? Do you prefer a descriptive message, a filthy pic, or a voice memo? Watch the two discuss the topic in the above video, take a vote in our poll below, and if you want to see more from these two, be sure to watch their big Skintight scene over at Hot House!

[Watch ‘Skintight’ ft. Jimmy Fit & Aiden Ward]


2 thoughts on “Jimmy Fit & Aiden Ward Reveal Their Sexting Preferences”

  1. Love seeing Fit get fisted and his bud pops out. If he was in front of me I’d eat that prolapsed bud until he told me STOP.

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