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WATCH: Jimmy Fit Reveals What It Was Actually Like Getting Fucked By A Pool Cue

Have you ever let someone shove a pool cue up your ass? Well, Jimmy Fit sure has. In the latest scene from Hot House’s Skintight, the porn star can be seen getting penetrated by a cue and the handle of a foosball table during his hookup with Aiden Ward. Now, thanks to some behind-the-scenes footage from the studio, we’re able to know how Jimmy actually felt about these unconventional objects invading his ass.

In a clip posted to the studio’s Twitter page, a naked Jimmy can be seen talking with Aiden, who is still bricked up and playing with his cock, and telling the world about his “interesting” experience with that long wooden stick.

“The view was kind of funny, because it looked like I had a pool stick sticking out of my butthole,” said the versatile porn actor. “It felt weird and hard and cold and inanimate.”

Sitting naked with his scene partner, Jimmy, who we sometimes know by the name Jim Fit, then went on to give some high praise to the next object to enter his hole during this Hot House hookup – Aiden’s stiff dick.

“The rest of it is going very well,” continued Jimmy while looking at his scene partner’s meat. “It was the lead-in to you fucking me with that gorgeous, beautiful, rock-hard, giant cock.”

This quick interview with these two bareback stars isn’t the only behind-the-scenes content Hot House has been putting out for Skintight. Over on its Twitter page, the studio has been constantly releasing random BTS clips that show Aiden getting a taste of Jimmy’s hole:

And other videos that give you a different look at their big billiards scene:

Let us know what you think of this scene down in the comments and if you want to see more from these two, be sure to check out even more BTS content over on the official Hot House Twitter page and watch the entire scene right now over at Hot House!

[Watch ‘Skintight’ ft. Jimmy Fit & Aiden Ward]


3 thoughts on “WATCH: Jimmy Fit Reveals What It Was Actually Like Getting Fucked By A Pool Cue”

  1. He should keep pushing it in and see if it can come out of his mouth. Twink Kabob. That used ass could probably fit five sticks up his sewer hole.

  2. Seeing how freaky he can get, the cue stick is like a skinny dick. Now if he took several pool balls in his anal pocket, that would be something to see.

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