Joel Hart Is Back, Back, Back Again

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been in need of some uncut recently and since Prince Harry isn’t able to satisfy our uncut cravings, we’re going to focus our attention on the latest scene from NakedSword Originals featuring the studio’s latest discovery Joel Hart as he tops Bastian Karim.

While this scene was just officially added to “the Netflix of gay porn” this week, there is a chance that you’ve actually watched this hookup in full before. Late last year, NakedSword published this complete scene on its free page for an entire weekend, so anyone – even those without NakedSword memberships – could watch the entire bareback fuck for free.

This new scene has since been taken off the site’s free page and as of this week, is now a permanent fixture in NakedSword’s member area. If you’re bummed about missing out on free porn though, don’t worry. We’re told that NakedSword will be adding brand new, unreleased content to its free page multiple times in the coming months, so you’ll have plenty of chances to see full studio scenes before they actually debut on NakedSword.

While we wait for that upcoming free porn though, let’s get a load of this new scene that just officially dropped on NakedSword. Go ahead and take a look below at some preview shots from the hookup ft. Joel and Basitian and let us know what you think of this new vid down in the comments:

Want more from these two raw fuckers? Check out this entire episode of Model Behavior Europe right now over on “the Netflix of gay porn” –!

[Watch ‘Model Behavior Europe’ ft. Joel Hart & Bastian Karim]


7 thoughts on “Joel Hart Is Back, Back, Back Again”

  1. Sexy Bastian Karim is perhaps the cock hungriest bottom in gay porn. Nobody treats a big cock better than Bastian. Orally and anally Karim has the welcome mat out for big cocks. Little cocks need not apply.

  2. I’ll counterpoint the negative comments already made here. Hart is, yes, “different,” but his look and his voice (the accent!) is VERY compelling. I think he’s attractive in a quite unconventional way, and his “differentness” is exactly what keeps me looking…and enjoying.

    1. I always question like who is into these walking graffiti humans. Also to tattoo your face you got to be really fucked up.

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