Dom King, Joey Mills, Big Dick Fin

Joey Mills Gets DP-ed and Facialed By Dom King & Big Dick Newcomer

If you filmed Dom King reading the phone book, fully clothed, I would still be turned on. So no matter what crazy escapades throws him in, I don’t care. And to be honest, “Cum Facial“—his most recent effort—isn’t too crazy by standards.

Sweetening the deal is that in addition to Dom’s big dick, we get two more: Joey Mills and a man by the name of Big Dick Fig (aka Jesse Figueroa), who (I think) is making his studio debut here—but has quite a following on social media and his hot content. That’s a lot of cock for one scene, and I’m here for it. In case you missed this scene earlier this month, it’s one you need to check out!

Dom King, Joey Mills, Big Dick Fin Dom King, Joey Mills, Big Dick Fin

Dom King, Joey Mills, Big Dick Fin

Dom arrives for a four-hands facial and massage to the giddy replies of estheticians Joey and Fig. The shots of Dom taking his clothes off, his amazing backside on display, are fucking beautiful (I’m obsessed with ever inch of this man, and love when the camera lingers on his body). Dom then takes his position on the table, laying face down—his big boner sliding through the hole on the table, with Joey promptly getting into position to such it.

Dom King, Joey Mills, Big Dick Fin Dom King, Joey Mills, Big Dick Fin

Dom King, Joey Mills, Big Dick Fin

Joey then gets more adventurous, mounting the table to stuff Dom’s mouth with his own big dick before sitting on his handsome fucking face—then rides that big cock as Fig slides his own big girthy slab between Dom’s feet (nice touch!). Then Joey takes both dicks at the same time in a hot DP before he gets spit roasted by the hung tops—quite a hot fuck sequence! The hot finish finds Joey’s face coated in cum (also watch for the shots of Fig slurping on Dom…so hot!). I hope we get to see more of this hung newcomer, but for the love of God,…get some better promo photos! (Why is it so hard to make out these three big dicks in them?!)

See the full scene at!


12 thoughts on “Joey Mills Gets DP-ed and Facialed By Dom King & Big Dick Newcomer”

  1. I watched it. It isn’t a good scene. It’s another of those “comedy” videos with everyone making goofy faces at everything. What has happened to this company?!? The three of them don’t have any chemistry. The setup makes no sense (not that it needs to). The idea of Joey sucking Dom King through a hole in the massage table is hot, but why is the second guy working behind a curtain?!? The neck tattoo guy doesn’t cum, unless we are to believe neck tattoo guy gave Dom his cum facial?

  2. Dom King has really sunk to the bottom of the barrel real fast. Between this scene, and the cheesy picnic themed scene with him fucking Malik Dalgety, the guy is a joke.

      1. I’m not making an observation about his looks. I’m judging the scenes he allows himself to be in. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. Even with your level of intellect.

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