Kuper is a Snack, Cowboy Wade, Joel Kilts Us, Ty & Sean’s Mirror Messes, Logan & Thyle Start a Band

In this week’s Social Circle Jerk, Josh Moore opens wide; Pheonix Fellington and Max Konnor kiss and make up; Logan Stevens and Thyle Knox make us swoon; Brody Biggs’ cock is a destroyer; Skyy Knox goes for a bleach; and more!

Here’s some recent social media highlights. Who has your favorite post? Let us know in the poll and comments below!

1. Josh Moore opens wide

See more of Josh at Falcon!

2. Pheonix and Max kiss, fight, and make up

See more of Pheonix at Helix and more of Max at JustFor.Fans!

3. Kuper is a snack

See more of Kuper at Falcon!

4. Brody Biggs would wreck you

5. Ride ’em, Wade Wolfgar!

See more of Wade at Raging Stallion!

6. Brock Banks is a boss

See more of Brock at CockyBoys!

7. Joel Someone kilts it

See more of Joel at Missionary Boys!

8. Vander Pulaski socks it to us

See more of Vander at Raging Stallion!

9. Hey there, Roxas!

10. Mirror Load #1: Ty Mitchell

See more of Ty at NakedSword!

11. Mirror Load #2: Sean Ford

See more of Sean at!

12. Cliff Jensen has a piss boner

13. How sexy is Logan Stevens on his violin…

See more of Logan at Raging Stallion!

14. …and Thyle Knoxx on guitar?!

See more of Thyle at Masqulin!

15. Hanging and humpin’ with Josh Brady

See more of Josh at Helix!

16. Sean Maygers is ready for Chris! (Ooh, that’s gonna be GOOD!)

See more of Sean at Falcon!

17. Butta Nutt loves onesies

See more Butta at JustFor.Fans!

18. Shawn Coxxx slides into December

19. Counter cock thud of the Week: Hung Aladdin

20. Aaron Chu assumes the position

21. California is so big!

22. Skyy goes for a bleach

See more of Skyy at Falcon!

23. Austin Wilde‘s doggie!!!

See more of Austin at GuysinSweatpants!


7 thoughts on “Kuper is a Snack, Cowboy Wade, Joel Kilts Us, Ty & Sean’s Mirror Messes, Logan & Thyle Start a Band”

  1. fellington is a hot bottom and superb kisser, so that kissing clip was my favorite, would love to see him with my other obsession brock banks

  2. Universal Potentate

    I seriously love Pheonix but I had to block Max Conner. He’s extremely racist and hypersensitive. I kinda feel bad for Pheonix.

  3. Austin Wilde…What breed (or mix?) is that adorable little girl??? LOVE HER!!! She WILL, indeed, be in charge. You can just tell! LOLOL…

      1. THANKS for that response!!! I am a total dog-person (Boxer is my “kryptonite” forever-breed). I am familiar with the BM’s from a friend in law enforcement, but DS’s are pretty new to me. She’s, as I said, VERY focused looking, adorable, and I’m sure she’ going to be a delight to train and have as a companion…WOOF! LKOL

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