Jack Emhoff, Michael Jackman

Luca del Rey Changes Name, Cuts Hair & Makes RandyBlue Debut

He had a breakout year starting in April of 2022, when Luca del Rey signed as a Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive and debuted in Gotta Have It. He continued with hit after hit at the family of studios, which included more appearances at Falcon (including an award-nominated threeway where he got spit roasted by Colton Reece and Max Adonis), NakedSword (getting topped by Cole Connor) Raging Stallion (bending over for JJ Knight) and Hot House (his steamy night-time scene with Jordan Starr made our Top 10 list).

But after his hot scene with Joel Hart in NakedSword’s Fan Male last year, we suddenly didn’t hear much from the performer after his whirlwind year…until now! Luca has cut off his signature long locks and changed his name to Jack Emhoff…and now he’s making his RandyBlue debut getting fucked by Michael Jackman, also in his first appearance with the studio.

Jack Emhoff Jack Emhoff, Michael Jackman

Jack Emhoff, Michael Jackman

Jack Emhoff, Michael Jackman

No matter what his name or haircut, Jack looks sexy AF…and that beautiful hairy muscle bod (that bush! those pits!)  is as drool-inducing as ever. Jack gets started by deep-throating Michael’s big dick, then takes it doggy. We also get two better positions (with Jack on his back, and with him sitting down on the top) that give us better shots of his beautiful bod as he gets fucked, the verbal hunk moaning “Bust that nut!” to the top as he tales it missionary.

Jack Emhoff, Michael Jackman

Jack Emhoff, Michael Jackman

Jack Emhoff, Michael Jackman Jack Emhoff, Michael Jackman

What do you think of Luca 2.0? Do you like his new name and hair? Who do you wanna see him get fucked by next?

See the full scene at RandyBlue!


19 thoughts on “Luca del Rey Changes Name, Cuts Hair & Makes RandyBlue Debut”

  1. He is still a good looking guy, but now he just looks like any other Latino porn performer. At least the long hair set him apart, and it looked better on him than most

  2. I miss the long hair, and the new name is “dumb.” Luca Del Rey is a much better name. I wonder if he had to change it due to company policies or former contracts.

  3. I have nothing against long hair (as long as it appears clean), but he looks much better after the cut, IMO. His body is insane, and that body hair couldn’t be hotter. I’ll have to check out the scene.

  4. No one cares about the hair. Shut the fuck up, shoot your crappy porn, collect your pocket change and go back to turning tricks on the street corner whores

  5. I think it is foolish when an established performer changes their name. Also, I don’t think he looks good. Jordan is so much hotter!

      1. He started off as a cam “model” so i’m pretty sure he owns his own name. But maybe he (or the studio) wanted to distinguish from his Falcon/etc. work. Or maybe Falcon/etc. contract disallowed him from using his Luca name for X period of time with another studio (i.e. – Luca del Rey can’t compete through another studio, but Jack Emhoff could – funny name, btw, took me a second)

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