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The Magic Holes Of Joey Mills

Helix calls the update “Magic Mouth” but the real disappearing act with Calvin Banks’ big, raw dick happens down south.

Joey Mills made his debut on the receiving end of Justin Owen in mid-July at Helix. Barely two months later, he became the breakout star of the “Party Wave” orgy finale of their “Lifeguards” series.

Joey Mills wasn’t just DP’d raw. He became the human cumrag with an already loaded hole for five of Helix’s finest to jizz on. Today, Calvin Banks enjoys a one-on-one magic show with Joey that gets raw and goes deep.

joey mills calvin banks bareback helixCalvin Banks first appeared on the site in February. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Calvin’s top-only status became history when he flip fucked in his bottoming debut with Max Carter. At the time I wondered if knowing what it is like to get pounded would usher in a more gentle top. Today in “Magic Mouth” we got the big, fat answer: hell no. And neither he or Joey would have had it any other way.

joey mills calvin banks bareback helixAs if being the pass around fuck toy of “Party Wave” wasn’t enough, any doubts of Joey’s birthright as a sexual savant was sealed in the video where he deepthroated a dildo the size of a baby’s arm. “Joey, do you think you can deep throat my dick as good as in your video here?” asks Calvin. The title “Magic Mouth” isn’t honorary. But it doesn’t tell the “hole” story today. Far from it.

joey mills calvin banks bareback helixOne beautiful thing about those big dicks Helix boys … they have some magic mouths themselves. When it comes to rimming out a hungry hole, Calvin Banks has a magic tongue and he dive’s into Joey face first.

joey mills calvin banks bareback helixCalvin’s ass mastery is an equal opportunity destroyer. Joey is rock hard as Calvin bangs him with his “crazy huge cock”. Joey holds back his load as long as he can until he finally explodes. Since we’ve already seen the disappearing act, Calvin ends the show with another one of his favorite tricks, a cream pie finish.

[Watch Joey Mills & Calvin Banks in “Magic Mouth” at Helix]

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