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Masyn Thorne Reveals What It’s Actually Like To Work For FraternityX

Another porn personality is taking to TikTok to churn out some headline-making content. We’ve previously talked about TikTok videos from hottie Levi Karter, porn director Jasun Mark, and that one OnlyFans star who posted a video with his mom, but now it’s time to focus on model Masyn Thorne!

One of the performer’s latest videos on the popular app gets into how he really feels about working for the hardcore frat-themed gay porn site FraternityX. The video, which has become Masyn’s most-viewed video on the platform with 300,000+ views, gets into what the models do when they’re not filming, the ultimate tip on how to get everyone in the house to love you, and what it’s like saying all the wild dialogue in those FratX scenes.

@jockcollegebroTips working on #FraternityX coming from a model who works with them! Me ☺️💪🏽🏈😈🍆💃🏽 #fratguys #adultentertainer #singelife #fortheboys♬ original sound – Masyn 💪🏽😛

“FraternityX is my favorite studio to do work for. I’ve done lots of videos with them playing like a douchey frat guy,” Masyn says in the video. “None of it is real, obviously, because no porn is real. BUT! On set, most of the time you have 15 to 18 guys in the house together and everyone is super, super sweet for the most part.”

The star revealed that when the models aren’t busy filming, they usually go eat, smoke, play basketball, swim, and hang around the “really nice” house. He continues the video by giving his opinion on what it’s like to say some of the ridiculously hyper-frat dialogue that the boys in FraternityX videos are often spitting out.

“The biggest part I struggle with is trying not to laugh because a lot of the dialogue is mad-libbing and some people mess up, sometimes you say crazy shit. One time, I mentioned Hellen Keller in a porno,” Masyn added.

He emphasized that you shouldn’t “choose a cuddle buddy for the week” because it will just cause drama. (Maybe he’ll make a video in the future about what type of drama that caused, because we’re very interested…) Masyn then ended the video by saying that Imodium is your best friend and that if you can cook, everyone in the house is “going to love you.”

@jockcollegebroWhat it’s like being a gay p0rnstar on fraternityx and traveling for 0nlyfans! #fraternityx #gaytiktok #adultiktok #adultfilmstar #lasvegas #newyork♬ So What – P!nk

So what do you think about this video? What else do you want Masyn to reveal about the studio? Did anything he say shock you? Sound off with your hot thoughts in the comments below and be sure to watch Masyn and his college boy brothers in action over at FraternityX!


14 thoughts on “Masyn Thorne Reveals What It’s Actually Like To Work For FraternityX”

  1. damn the girls are taking Imodium?! These models are going to be so worn out once they hit 30. From forcing their bowls not to poop, truvada side effects, HPV, and loose assholes. Damn sounds like a mess.

  2. Universal Potentate

    The cuddle buddy thing is interesting. I would want him to elaborate more on that.
    What does he mean by cuddle buddy EXACTLY?
    What does he mean by drama EXACTLY?

    1. This guy is clearly gay. Although he’s not your typical gay guy who works out and watches his weight. Sorta out of shape these days but something about him is still hot.

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