Matthew Bosch Dirk Caber TitanMen

A Chemistry Lesson From Dirk Caber and Matthew Bosch

The intensely sexual vibe shared between Daddy Dirk Caber and the smoking hot Matthew Bosch turns their scene into an example of what real chemistry on the set does to what we see on the screen.

In the first scene in “Package” from TitanMen, many a prayer was answered as we finally got to see that fat, uncut pole of Matthew Bosch’s splitting some ass. That happened when Matthew was on both the giving and receiving end of porn star Hunter Marx. Today, he can’t wait to share that adventure with cop-hubby, Dirk Caber. Let the chemistry lesson begin.

Matthew Bosch Dirk Caber TitanMen
Both Dirk and Matthew really got into their characters. Not just the cop and UPS guy parts, but “head space and sex space” behind this particular daddy-son relationship. How a close-encounter with a porn star would be a turbo boost to the love life of this couple. Dirk Caber is ready. And Matthew Bosch can’t fucking wait.

Matthew Bosch Dirk Caber TitanMen
Matthew slobbers a river of spit all over Dirk’s cock for a good long while until Dirk takes over. That means we get some extended screen time of Matthew’s dick. Damn, that is one majestic piece.

Matthew Bosch Dirk Caber TitanMen
And what does a hot, hung, bottom boy riding his daddy top look like when it’s captured from multiple angles? Just like this.

[Watch Matthew Bosch and Dirk Caber in “Package” scene two]

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