Muscle Man Max Konnor Deep Dicks Cristiano

If you wanna know what it feels like to take Max Konnor‘s big dick, have a look at Cristiano‘s face as he takes it—eyes rolling up in his head, eyebrows furrowed, mouth gasping for breath. It ain’t going in easy, but it Feels So Good!

Weeks after Cristiano made his Hot House debut in the opening scene of the studio’s latest all-sex romp (sitting down on Hazel Hoffman’s hot rod), he’s back for the finale! And right away, the sub assumes the position and offers up his hole for munching to muscle man Max.

Max Konnor, Cristiano Max Konnor, Cristiano

Max Konnor, Cristiano Max Konnor, Cristiano

Max tongues the toned bottom’s ass before slowly sliding his big meat inside, and those overhead shots show off how big that veiny beast is. Even better is when Cristiano’s hot cock gets released from his jock, the bottom jacking it as he gets rammed. The bottom also spends some time getting his face fucked, gulping on that rod before giving up his ass again.

Max Konnor, Cristiano Max Konnor, Cristiano

Max Konnor, Cristiano Max Konnor, Cristiano

Cristiano also mounts that monster and slides up and down before taking it doggy, finally getting coated in two loads.

See the full scene at Hot House!


12 thoughts on “Muscle Man Max Konnor Deep Dicks Cristiano”

  1. Max must be desperate for money to fuck that nasty girl hoe! Hopefully Max wore a condom because God only knows what diseases that woman is carrying

    1. absolut not gay for pay, he was a normal actor, and switched, just for fun, to porn…and now a pro….but very nice and funny, very friendly, allways
      smiling person.

  2. If Cristiano is your idea of “toned,” I’d hate to see what you thought a skinny/thin guy was.

    I’d ask only one thing of Cristiano——when does the hunger strike end?

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