Lucca Mazzi, Ian Sterling, Eli Shaw

Muscle Studs Lucca Mazzi & Ian Sterling Destroying a Bottom is Heaven

Late last year, CutlersDen quietly released a scene that didn’t get much attention and is undoubtedly one of the hottest duos you never saw. It paired two muscle studs—Lucca Mazzi (6-foot-2 and 200 pounds of godliness) and Ian Sterling (a furry fucker with a big and bushy 9-inch dick)—in an incendiary flip fuck with sparks flying everywhere.

It was particularly hot seeing Ian’s big boner stay stiff and bounce around as he got fucked the Lucca, the two showing off their versatility in one of the studio’s best scenes. Thankfully, CutlersDen recognized that magic and asked the two hunks back, and now we get to see them unleash their alpha sides as they team up to spit roast and DP willing bottom Eli Shaw. (Just days after we saw Sir Peter make his Den debut in another great DP, joining Cutler X to stuff all-star bottom John Thomas.)

Lucca Mazzi, Ian Sterling, Eli Shaw Lucca Mazzi, Ian Sterling, Eli Shaw

This goes to show how incredibly versatile Ian truly is—less than a year ago, we saw him on the receiving end of a double penetration from the very big and very beautiful cocks of Drew Sebastian and Cutler X. He proved to be one of the more active and voracious bottoms I’ve ever seen on the receiving end of a DP, and it was truly glorious to behold (it remains another of my favorite Den scenes). How many times have we ever see a performer on the giving and receiving end of a DP?! That has to be rare, and Ian deserves accolades for it.

Lucca Mazzi, Ian Sterling, Eli Shaw Lucca Mazzi, Ian Sterling, Eli Shaw

Now fuzzy Ian and smooth Lucca are in full-on dominate mode, and it’s pure heaven. They bro out as they get their dicks sucked together by Eli, who is on is knees going back and forth and stuffing them both in his mouth. The shot where we just get to see their two gorgeous bodies in the frame makes me drool, and I get even harder when  the wrap their arms around each other, kiss each other or just look at each other. (So very bruh!)

Lucca Mazzi, Ian Sterling, Eli Shaw Lucca Mazzi, Ian Sterling, Eli Shaw

The shot of Ian nursing Lucca’s pec as Lucca gets sucked by Eli is delicious, and soon Ian buries his beard in the sub’s smooth hole before the two jocks take turns stuffing him at both ends (with Lucca laying back and placing his hands behind his head, showing off his amazing body). We then get some great DP action, each top taking a turn driving the action from behind (their sacs slamming together in a hot closeup) as they switch positions.

Lucca Mazzi, Ian Sterling, Eli Shaw

Dear CutlersDen: Keep giving us more and more of Lucca and Ian in any and every configuration possible. This is one of my favorite scenes yet again from the studio, and cute Eli rises to the challenge of taking on these two titans.

See the full scene at CutlersDen!


2 thoughts on “Muscle Studs Lucca Mazzi & Ian Sterling Destroying a Bottom is Heaven”

  1. Love seeing DP scenes but only one thing. They need to show the gaping hole after both cocks withdraw. So sexy seeing a gaping hole w. cum dripping out along with butt juice.

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