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Dean Young Makes Epic Cumback With Southern Spain Sexcapade

Do you remember a couple of weeks back when Falcon Studios issued a challenge to its fans to name two mystery porn stars in a blurry behind-the-scenes photo? Well, the identities of the two hunks have finally been revealed and it turns out we were looking at a BTS photo of Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Dean Young and big dick icon Sir Peter!

The photo comes from Body & Sol, the latest bareback Falcon feature that just debuted its first scene online earlier today. Directed by Steve Cruz and filmed on location in Torremolinos, the movie centers itself around Dean as he takes on the role of a travel blogger who’s searching for the absolute best places to fuck in Southern Spain.

Dean isn’t doing all this research by himself though. He’s got his best friend and fellow Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Andre Donovan by his side along with a handful of horny local men that are more than willing to help these eager tourists out with the discovery of the area’s hottest hookup hotspots.

This first scene sees Dean going off by himself and venturing to the friendly beaches of Costa Del Sol where he bumps into Sir Peter. The interaction leads to the horny blogger explaining his mission to the stranger and Sir quickly offering to help the twink out with his search.

It’s then that Sir leads Dean back to a private courtyard, unveils his absolutely massive cock, and delivers a poolside pounding to the tourist’s gaping mouth and smooth hole. After the unfortunate weather proves to be too much for them, Sir takes Dean inside where the two bareback all over a random staircase until both are draining their balls all over Dean’s exposed body.

This Body & Sol hookup marks the first real release Dean has had with his home studio since his debut in early 2021. We last saw the underwear tycoon as he made a pit stop over at for the site’s Northman parody, but before that, we had really only seen him work his hole out for a single Falcon | NakedSword scene with fellow Exclusive Josh Moore. (It should be noted that that scene is one of the hottest scenes of last year and if you haven’t already seen it, you need to watch ASAP.)

As for Sir Peter, I’m pretty sure this man needs no introduction. While this is his first-ever video for anything under the Falcon | NakedSword umbrella, Sir and his extremely famous slab of meat have worked with basically every studio under the sun. That includes sites like, MENatPLAY, Fuckermate, and Lucas Entertainment. If you want to check out some of his hottest work, you can click here.

In addition to Dean and Sir’s poolside session, Body & Sol is set to feature hoards of hookups around Torremolinos that include other stars like Andre Donovan, Pietro Duarte, Pol Prince, and Manuel Reyes. Be sure to check back on The Sword in the coming weeks as we give you some hot previews for those scene and maybe even a few exclusive BTS snapshots that Falcon Studios sent us.

So what do you think of Dean’s big return to Falcon? Are you excited to see Sir Peter make his Falcon | NakedSword debut? Who do you want to see Dean or Peter team up with next? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire Body & Sol video right now over at Falcon Studios!

[Watch ‘Body & Sol’ ft. Dean Young & Sir Peter]


7 thoughts on “Dean Young Makes Epic Cumback With Southern Spain Sexcapade”

  1. These two performers are what makes porn worth watching. SIr Peter is SAF and has a huge cock to satisfy the most insatiable Bottom as in Dean Young. Young is cute, athletic and capable of handling a Big Cock and likes aggressive,athletic Tops that can push his limits and make him beg for more. I have seen several performances from both of these actors and this pairing together was Hot,Passionate Sex from start to finish.

  2. The Dean Young difference is he looks like he is genuinely enjoying himself – as opposed to just going through the motions for the dosh.

  3. Sir Peter is a well hung top but even he lucked out getting the beautiful cock hungry bottom Dean Young as his play thing.

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