Max Konnor, Nick Cranston

Muscles, Muscles, Muscles, And Even More Muscles

All I have to say is Jesus fucking Christ!

Director Marc MacNamara and NakedSword Originals are not giving me a moment to breathe this year when it comes to just absolutely muscled-out gay porn hookups. First, we saw muscle men Nick Cranston and Davin Strong flip-fuck in a vid that we named the beefiest scene of the year. Now, the award-winning director is giving us another hulked-out video featuring Nick, but this time, we get to see him being dominated by the ripped Max Konnor!

This hookup with Max and Nick just dropped earlier today on NakedSword and acts as the very first scene to Release Room – the brand new movie from NakedSword Originals that shows hoards of horny guys heading to New York City’s dirtiest den of sin and using other men to fulfill their deepest sexual desires.

In the scene, Max decides that Nick is going to be his hired hole for the night. Equipped with a black ball gag and a harness, Nick submits to the Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive as he gets rimmed in multiple positions before the hung top barebacks him with his massive 10-inch slab of dick. Take a look below at some of the buffed-up action:

So what do you think of this new scene? Are you excited to see who else will be entering NakedSword’s Release Room? Who is your favorite bodybuilder porn star? Let us know all your hot thoughts in the comments below and if you want to see more from these muscular men, make sure to check out this entire scene right now at NakedSword!

[Watch ‘Release Room’ ft. Max Konnor & Nick Cranston]


15 thoughts on “Muscles, Muscles, Muscles, And Even More Muscles”

  1. Its a complete boner kill if the guy has his nails painted. If the guy shows up and I see that, I would tell him to leave immediately. I don’t care how good he looks, he’s done!

    1. Right? I mean if he wants to get a mani-pedi good for him. Hell, I’ll even give a pass for a clear polish if he’s hot enough

  2. I used to think Max was gay for pay, as he never seemed to really “get into it” in his scenes. He’s been better lately.

    1. Max loves vaginas. He’s already eaten them out and penetrated them on film. He loves to fuck pussy too. He’s gross and he’s definitely not gay.

      1. Ugh, you Homosexual, Monosexual, Gold-Star Gays are tiresome. There’s this thing called Bisexuality and another called Pansexuality. Educate yourself

  3. Haha Haha, autocorrect messing you up , lol. Agreed, I always fantasize about the big guys at my gym using me. Usually wear a jockstrap underneath my underwear to hide my boner lol.

  4. Anonymous cumguzzlers

    I know it’s extremely superficial, yet I would be honored to get railed, chocked and used by beefy man with painted nails and a humongous cock. Absolute dream.

  5. Anonymous cockguzzler

    I know it’s extremely superficial, but I am obsessed with beefy man who have got painted nails and a humorous cock.
    Would love to get checked and destroyed by them :-p

      1. Chocking
        The way that “Choking” is spelled by idiots
        Paper: The victim was chocking
        Teacher: Are you retarded? it’s spelled “Choking”

          1. the possessive of a singular noun is formed by adding an apostrophe and s.
            So if mommy has a basement then it would be mommy’s basement.
            You’d know this if they did their job right in your ESL classes, maldito maricón

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