Achilles, Theo Brady

Newcomer Achilles Gets His Hot Hole Broken In By Theo Brady’s Big Dick

I love me some gay porn star names based on Greek mythology, like Jessy Ares and…um…Uranus? Now we can add a new stud to the list as Achilles makes his studio debut!

No, he’s not actually Greek, he’s Canadian. And unlike his fictional counterpart, he’s not a fighter, he’s a lover. And in his first ever studio scene, the cutie gets broken in by a sizable cock—that of Theo Brady, who gives the sub a little taste of thick dick outside by the Camp CockyBoys lake before they head inside for more hardcore action.

Achilles Achilles, Theo Brady

Achilles, Theo Brady Achilles, Theo Brady

Back in bed, Theo gets Achilles’ hole nice and wet, then feeds the newbie his big dick (look at how happy Achilles looks with that boner hovering over his face!). Theo then gets the bottom on his back, fucking him before feeding him more dick. The top then takes him doggy (look at his balls slam that ass!) before Achilles sits down on him.

Achilles, Theo Brady

Achilles, Theo Brady

Achilles, Theo Brady Achilles, Theo Brady

Theo finally shoots over the bottom’s hole before Achilles fires his load. What do you think of this scruffy-haired cutie, and who do you wanna see fuck him next? (I’ll go first: Dom King!)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


10 thoughts on “Newcomer Achilles Gets His Hot Hole Broken In By Theo Brady’s Big Dick”

  1. Achilles is a hottie, but Theo needs to relax… he looks pissed, not having fun like Achilles. He and Greyson Myles (does either one top?) or Daniel Evans would be hot… would love an intimate passionate scene with Sean Xavier, rather than the typical “slab stab” they have Sean using his cock for. Perhaps Angel Rivera… I think he would look like he is into it and enjoying being with Achilles. Best I can come up with on the spot…

  2. so now we’re getting white boys that are bleaching their skin to be whiter, LOLs Priceless. Just when I thought cocky boys couldn’t get whiter.

        1. You are a idiot! He has a skin affliction
          Vitiligo is a disorder that causes your skin to lose its color. Hypopigmentation is a symptom of vitiligo. A note from Cleveland Clinic. Sometimes, your skin cells produce too little pigment. This can create patches of skin that look lighter than your surrounding skin. Hypopigmentation may improve or go away on its own.

  3. Achilles is “there” the entire time, engaging, enjoying and entertaining.
    Theo need to relax. He’s good, but sometimes he acts like he thinks tops are supposed to act, but when he loses himself in the moments he is great.

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