Reese Rideout Roman Todd

Roman Todd Bottoms For Reese Rideout In ‘Final Cut’ Premiere

It all cums down to this! Over the past several months, you’ve been watching gay porn stars enter basic training to become secret agents in The Swords, head overseas for their very First Mission, and undergo plenty of other action-packed moments in The Swords saga. But now, after loads of teasers and trailers, it’s finally time to witness the epic finale of NakedSword’s Swords saga with the world premiere of Final Cut!

Directed by Marc MacNamara, this debut episode of Final Cut has us going deep into a desert training facility with a crew of top-tier porn star secret agents that includes Roman Todd (who we last saw in the original Swords film) and Reese Rideout (who we last saw when he fucked Beau Butler in The Swords: Content House). Outside the facility near a waterfall, the duo engages in a high-adrenaline training sequence before heading inside their cavernous hideout, listening to Cole Connor quip about Cade Maddox’s blinding teeth, and going to shower off together.

Reese Rideout Roman Todd

Once they’re under the running water, the two muscle men suck each other off with Reese then getting the chance to rim Roman’s perfect ass. With his hole soaked in spit, Roman gets on top and rides on Rideout while beating his own meat. The two continue to fuck across the cave until both porn star secret agents are unleashing their creamy loads all over Roman’s naked bod. Take a look below at some of the action:

Reese Rideout Roman Todd Reese Rideout Roman Todd Reese Rideout Roman Todd Reese Rideout Roman Todd Reese Rideout Roman Todd Reese Rideout Roman Todd Reese Rideout Roman Todd

Got any hot thoughts on the premiere of Final Cut? Let us know in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this just-released fuck, be sure to click over to!

[Watch FINAL CUT ft. Reese Rideout & Roman Todd]


18 thoughts on “Roman Todd Bottoms For Reese Rideout In ‘Final Cut’ Premiere”

  1. My two cents. No one in the industry is tackling the pink elephant in the room. Roman buying drugs allegedly for pain from a porn performer? Crushing it and snorting it in an airport bathroom and nearly fatal fetanyl overdose? Everyone got caught up in the back and forth drama on twitter and no one is talking again about the prevalence of drugs in porn. Kind of like whistling past the grave yard. If he has a problem he doesnt want to address, fine. If people are okay with a porn performer dealing drugs on or off set is fine? Not okay. But porn is littered with carcasses of boys and men going back decades and no……one……cares until they read about the porn performers death on insta or twitter. Just my two damn cents. My views are my own.

  2. Have loved both of these hot guys for years now ..would be even hotter if the werent like plucked chickens …..they need hair on there bodies

  3. Roman Todd is gorgeous, but dumb as hell. Only a truly dumb person could believe in the terrible villain Ricky Larkin. Happily, he is alive.

      1. Anyone who makes arguments about money and net worth are the poorest people on the planet…
        Financially and spiritually.

  4. Universal Potentate

    There wasn’t a woman who popped out with a pointless line like “The doctor said No strenuous activity for your back!”
    That alone makes this seem like a quality production.

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