Dom King, Clark Reid

Powertool: Dom King’s Big Dick Wrecks Clark Reid

You had me at “Dom King.” But Dom King as a construction worker, ripping off his tight muscle shirt as he uses his big dick to fuck his beefy bro on site? Now you’re killing me.

I love me some blue collar construction cock; it’s right up there with my locker room fantasy. So even though this scene offers us nothing new setup wise (and it’s waaaay too silly in the beginning cause it’s, it still does the trick just fine, thank you. And with specimens Dom and fellow beefcake Clark Reid on display, it’s impossible to screw this up.

Dom King Dom King

Dom King, Clark Reid Dom King, Clark Reid

Dom King, Clark Reid Dom King, Clark Reid

Clark plays an influencer/construction worker (cause that’s so common?), but his hi-jinks on the job don’t sit so well with boss Dom, who has a much better work ethic. Our alpha hunk decides to put the troublemaker in his place (God yes!), and is soon ripping off his shirt as he fucks him doggy. Clark then gets a taste of Dom’s big tool before sitting on it, and then Dom sucks Clark back (seeing Dom suck dick is heaven, and I love how we get a hot shot of Clark’s fuzzy chest).

Dom King, Clark Reid Dom King, Clark Reid

Dom King, Clark Reid Dom King, Clark Reid

Dom King, Clark Reid Dom King, Clark Reid

But the hottest visual may be Dom mounting the scaffolding and Clark, pounding the bottom into oblivion. The mere visual of their sweaty muscular bodies grinding against each other amid this butch handyman setting is stunning, as is seeing Dom deliver a facial to his boy. Would you let Dom treat you like this?

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9 thoughts on “Powertool: Dom King’s Big Dick Wrecks Clark Reid”

  1. Really sexy pairing of two beautiful men. Clark seems to have more personality, but Dom’s forte is when he’s inside a guy making him really happy!

  2. Universal Potentate

    I can actually see someone showing up to a job with this attitude.
    The sex itself was a little boring but the guys were hot.
    The triggering attitude is what makes this most memorable. 5 out of 10

  3. Dom likes to flex to show he’s in charge. Fortunately muscular Clark is OK with that. In a guns competition Clark may just edge out Dom.

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