Daniel Evans, Lane Colten

Newcomer Lane Colten Fucks Gorgeous Daniel Evans With His Big Dick

Note to self: Aerial shots of Daniel Evans on his back getting fucked by a big dick are very, very nice. I mean, Jesus…would you look at that?! CockyBoys should create a flip book of all those stills!

We knew that Daniel was versatile, but since joining CockyBoys he’s mostly been a top, fucking Carter Dane, then Tannor Reed, then Dallas Preston. We were kind of getting used to his alpha side (and we love it!), which was also on display in his stunning flip fuck with real-life boyfriend Evan Knoxx.

But now, just to make sure we remember, he’s all bottom…and he’s doing it for a newcomer who looks like this (click on the pic to see that big dick in all its glory!)…


I’ll say it again: Jesus, would you look at that?! Meet Lane Colten, a smooth and hung cutie in his first ever studio scene. The theme to this scene is a recurring sex dream of Daniel’s, who envisions himself back at boot camp, lying in bed on a hot night and jerking off thinking about a super-hung member of his platoon. Which means we get to see these studs in military digs, which is even hotter.

Daniel Evans, Lane Colten Daniel Evans, Lane Colten

Lane enters and puts his hand over Daniel’s mouth to keep him quiet. Daniel gets Lane’s cock out of his shorts to suck him and soon quietly tells Lane he wants him to split open his ass with his big dick. Turning him over and pulling down Daniel’s fatigues, Lane licks and tongue-fucks his hole, teasing him with his finger and his big dick before finally sliding it in, at one point pinning him to the bed with his cock, holding up his toned body above him.

Daniel Evans, Lane Colten Daniel Evans, Lane Colten

After drilling the bottom, Lane gets him fully naked and then lies back so Daniel can suck him. Flipping the stud on his back, Lane starts fucking Daniel again, where we get the hottest shots of the scene  as that big dick slides all the way in (my lord, that body…those cocks!). Lane then drills Daniel while lying next to him (look at that photo below!), finally making the bottom shoot all over himself.

Daniel Evans, Lane Colten Daniel Evans, Lane Colten

When Daniel begs to be fed, that pushes Lane over the edge. The top pulls out to shoot and then finishes inside Daniel as they both soon finger the top’s load in his hole. What do you think of newbie Lane?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


6 thoughts on “Newcomer Lane Colten Fucks Gorgeous Daniel Evans With His Big Dick”

    1. This is why today’s porn industry is horrible and lousy. They put a skinny short guy fuck a gorgeous tall muscular guy. Horrible. Or another tiring boring BS is a Blk fucking the White Man. BORING.

      1. It’s hard to figure out if you’re just dumb and/or racist.

        The smaller person topping the larger one is the entire point (because the dynamic is typically the opposite).

        And seeing that you come off as racist, I can see why you have an issue with a black man topping a white one.

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