Carter Dane, Daniel Evans

Dreamy-Eyed Daniel Evans Makes CockyBoys Debut Topping Carter Dane

We’ve been drooling over newcomer Daniel Evans since his debut late last year getting bred by boyfriend Evan Knox at Guys in Sweatpants. His first few scenes were just with Evan, but recently he’s started to branch out—both at Sweatpants and at Falcon, where he appeared in the studio’s live cam series with Evan and Tristan Hunter in a fantastic threeway.

Now the versatile cutie with the gorgeous eyes and hot cock is making his CockyBoys debut, where he shows off his top side in a pairing with Carter Dane and his amazing ass. First we get a great interview with the 22-year-old Ohioan, who talks about his love of aggression, passion and public sex (this guy is very engaging…I could watch him talk all day, while also staring at those pecs, pits and fuzzy legs).

Carter Dane, Daniel Evans Carter Dane, Daniel Evans

After some action in the woods, Dan and Carter deep throat each other on the patio, Carter getting his hole fingered as he works Dan’s meat out of his cutoff shorts. The two kiss before Dan dives his tongue into Carter’s smooth hole.

Carter Dane, Daniel Evans

Carter Dane, Daniel Evans

After making out some more, Dan slowly slides his cock into the bottom as he begins a slow, deep grind while necking with him. The top picks up the pace until he’s pounding the moaning bottom faster and deeper, and the camera lingers above the action to give us a great shot of Daniel’s smooth, muscular backside and ass clenching as he fucks (such a great view!).

Carter Dane, Daniel Evans Carter Dane, Daniel Evans

He slows down to take Carter from the side, then bends over Carter and eat his ass again before fucking him some more. Carter sits on Dan’s cock and rides, his body covered in sweat. He finally shoots his load over Dan’s chest, then fingers the top until he shoots an extra-thick load over himself.

What do you think of Dan?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


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