noah donovan fucks bennett anthony

Bone Of The Whopper

Noah Donovan rocks Bennett Anthony’s world when things get supersized at the “Drive Thru”.

Raging Stallion exclusive Rikk York began the week leading Lucas Allen, Bennett Anthony, and Noah Donovan in a “big, fat meat” suck fest.

But biggest, fattest meat belonged to Noah Donovan. And while Bennet Anthony loved how every inch tasted, his other set of lips got jealous and today, they too get their fill as “Drive Thru” makes a final delivery before they close for the summer.

noah donovan fucks bennett anthonyAs if diversity in gay porn isn’t rare enough, a hairy man of color is a very special treat. Of course, there’s Landon at Sean Cody. And then there’s Noah Donovan. He’s a handsome, hirsute, and very hung man who is very good at what he does. And how he does it. And today, he turns a professional cock ranger like Bennett Anthony into his personal ginger snap.

noah donovan fucks bennett anthonyNo time for words. And no need for them. Bennett is bent over and offering his hairy ass up for Noah like an all you can eat appetizer bar. Slicked up and biting his lip, Noah stuffs him in one long steady push down to the balls.

noah donovan fucks bennett anthonyThis is the perfect union of pole and hole.

noah donovan fucks bennett anthonyBennett’s moans echo throughout the restaurant as he strokes out a load onto his fire crotch. Then Noah adds his cum to the mix and the two connect for one last kiss before its lights out at the “Drive Thru”.

[Watch Bennett & Noah in “Drive Thru” scene six at Raging Stallion]

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