Not Again! Dominic Ford Releases Another Hot Movie With Horrible Music

Duncan Black was the cutest person on the face of the earth last week, but this week it’s Josh Long’s turn, thanks to Dominic Ford again. When did Dominic Ford get so good? Also, when did Dominic Ford get so awful?

Awful only in the sense that the dubstep music in their trailers needs to be shot dead. Everything else is great.

I challenge you to find me a picture of anything more ADORABLE than Josh Long’s face.

Warning: Watch it with the sound off.


[Dominic Ford: Josh Long Fucks Dylan Roberts]


8 thoughts on “Not Again! Dominic Ford Releases Another Hot Movie With Horrible Music”

  1. Josh Long isn’t TOP material. Baby Bear needs a Papa Bear to fuck the shit out of his asshole. Make it happen Dominic! Sans condom would be nice… Perhaps someone like the younger Maverick Man guy.

    1. Why do people keep saying ” fuck the shit out of someone” as if it was a good thing? It’s the worst thing that can possibly happen during sex .
      Scatophilia is rampant on the Sword…urgh !

  2. Lube sticky butt crack on a long white luxury faux fur throw? Oh my! Charlotte York Goldenblatt would never approve.

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