Now It’s Time To Watch Will Braun Bottom For the First Time

I don’t know how many of you actually care about gay-for-pay model Will Braun — in fact, I’m taking a poll down below — but here it is, his much hyped bottoming debut.

As mentioned the other week, this is the first installment of’s Top to Bottom series since last September, when Jimmy Johnson bottomed for Colby Jansen. And it went live today.

And since we already know that Will Braun is challenged in the dick-sucking and ass-eating departments, let’s see how he does taking Christian Wilde’s ample cock up his ass.

As he says, he was nervous about doing this, but he finally came around decided to go for this “new experience.” Just listen to how excited he sounds in the trailer!

And he looks like more of a bottom, no?

Now, a quick poll.

[ Top to Bottom: Will Braun and Christian Wilde]

9 thoughts on “Now It’s Time To Watch Will Braun Bottom For the First Time”

  1. i wonder how it was decided who the top would .,,, so many others would have been better ..,,, both in productions and on cam4 i found will boring ..,, cute and beautiful eyes but still boring ,,, and he is probably still lying by using the word straight . i always wanted to see austin wilde take that ass. i think austin is the one that found him by watching cam4.,,, allen

    1. in his interview before the scene he said he chose christian wilde as his top, because he is “different” than will in a lot of ways, tattoos etc. i thought christian was a good match.. will is hot and those eyessss

  2. As much of porn, this is all a fraud–Braun started out bottoming on GuysinSweatPants. He may be gay for pay but he’s had more dick in both ends of him than he suggested on

    1. Will Braun has never been previously fucked on video. He did however fuck Austin Wilde on Austin’s site about two or three years ago, but it wasn’t a flip flop fuck scene. Will topped and Austin bottomed. The scene with Christian Wilde is Will Braun’s bottoming debut.

  3. While I’m glad that Men hasn’t forgotten the existence of this series, holdouts like Jack King, Zeb Atlas, Jimmy Durano or Tim Kruger would have a lot more ‘event’ voltage.

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