Now Watch Ryan Rose Pound Brian Bonds In An Outdoor Washtub

We already saw the oral scene in which Ryan Rose was perched on that fence and Brian Bonds gagged (a lot) on Ryan’s cock. Now it’s time for their fuck scene in Hot House’s Saddle Up.

This is Scene 3 from the cowboy/outdoor-themed feature, which marks the first shoot for the brand under the eye of new CEO Chris Ward. And even though it was directed by Hot House’s Christian Owen, the aesthetics definitely like all Ward, with the rugged, Raging Stallion setting, and two models who have shot a fair bit for Falcon and Raging between them (including Falcon “exclusive” Ryan Rose).

It’s a hot scene, which starts with Brian getting hard while taking a nice bath in the sun and starting to stroke his cock. And then Ryan, who already knows Brian can suck a cock, comes along to get his cock sucked some more, and then to bend Brian over, eat his freshly bathed hole, and then fuck him. Hard.

Brian, by the way, likes it hard. And you know he means it when he shouts, “Yeah, pound me!”













[Hot House: Saddle Up, Scene 3]


6 thoughts on “Now Watch Ryan Rose Pound Brian Bonds In An Outdoor Washtub”

  1. Ryan’s body is so beautiful and perfectly sculpted, that it is almost as magnificent as that of the Magyar god, Kris Evans.

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