Own a Piece of Rentboy Memorabilia and Help Their Legal Defense Fund

Former Rentboy CEO and founder Jeffrey Hurant has raised over $30,000 in this crowdfunding campaign for his legal defense, however that is only 12 percent of the $250,000 he expects to need if he goes to trial.

Thus, after liquidating the Rentboy offices in Manhattan last month, there’s a pile of potentially valuable Rentboy-related signage and memorabilia that’s being auctioned off to benefit the legal defense fund. As Popular Publicity reports, there’s both a live pop-up shop next week (December 20 & 23, noon to 7) at the former Rentboy offices at 6 West 14th Street, Suite 4W, selling limited edition posters and framable artwork, as well as an eBay auction of bigger and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Among the bootie to be bid on is the sign at left, a faux neon light box from the 2015 Black Party, as well as another you can see below, also from the 2015 Black Party.


Or you could own this little piece of history, which is sure to be worth a little something more than the current buy-it-now price of $125.


Five of the other six defendants in the Rentboy case have taken plea deals and won’t be going to trial.

Hurant’s dad touchingly wrote about his son’s case, and his support for his defense, back in October. He wrote:

While I’m not personally gay, I’ve always loved and accepted my son. Over the past 20 years I’ve come to understand that Rentboy was a place for people to post classified ads, no different from those that appeared in The Village Voice, NY Magazine, and other publications that ran similar ads in 1997. I assumed that our right to free speech protected those ads.

Give what you can, and/or get a little keepsake in return. The eBay auction ends in mid-January.

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4 thoughts on “Own a Piece of Rentboy Memorabilia and Help Their Legal Defense Fund”

  1. I thought it was mentioned there was rentboy.com management income of $Millions over recent years, surely some is left for defense costs?

  2. my theory. After Ashley Madison leaks, someone in Washington got nervous about a potential hack of Rentboy and called the FBI. Otherwise, they would be cracking down on all websites where people prostitute themselves.

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