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Raging Stallion Finally Drops Debut Episode Of ‘RIDE OR DIE’

I honestly thought the day would never arrive, but it’s here! It’s officially the big premiere day for Raging Stallion’s original drama series RIDE OR DIE. The scruffy studio has been teasing this massive project for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeeeeksss, but now the first episode is finally fuckin’ here and ready to watch.

So what is RIDE OR DIE actually about? Well, unfortunately for me, I was very wrong with my Fast & Furious predictions and it seems that this entire series is going to revolve around the extremely fucked up happenings going on at the Riders Correctional Facility in Las Vegas with this premiere specifically focusing on “deranged prisoner” Chris Damned.

Directed by Tony Dimarco and titled When The Going Gets Rough, the episode opens up with Chris being transported by Trenton Ducati and Dillon Diaz, who is set to star in his own RIDE OR DIE scene that’s dropping tomorrow, to the luxury Vegas penthouse of shady District Attorney Travis Connor.

It’s there we learn that the corrupt warden is the one who sent Chris to meet the DA, that Chris might be behind bars due to false accusations, and that it’s now Chris’ job to use his mouth, thick cock, and body to satisfy this twisted DA. We won’t spoil the rest of the scene (or its very shocking ending) with specifics, but you can take a look below at some action shots if you want to be teased a little more:

This is of course only the first of many RIDE OR DIE scenes set to drop in the coming weeks. In total, the two-part, nine-episode series features a 15-man cast that also includes Cole Connor, Reign, Beau Butler, Max Konnor, Drew Valentino, Andre Donovan, Bennet Anthony, Pierce Paris, Grayson Lange, Pheonix Fellington, Alpha Wolfe, and Drew Sebastian playing various roles. If you want some sneak peeks at who these hunks will be playing and who they’re going to be paired with, you can take a look around the RIDE OR DIE official mini-site.

To celebrate this monumental project and its A-list cast, Raging Stallion also recently announced a number of giveaways where fans can win memorabilia like a pair of ripped prison boxers worn by Drew Valentino, one of Reign’s actual white tank-tops that he wore on-camera, and even a free Raging Stallion membership. You can get more info on all these RIDE OR DIE sweepstakes over on the project’s WIN page.

So what do you think of this ambitious new project? Have you already watched this intense first episode of the series? Do you like seeing Chris Damned as a dom top? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to watch this full first episode over on Raging Stallion and get even more info on the series on the official RIDE OR DIE mini-site.

[Watch ‘RIDE OR DIE: When The Going Gets Rough’]


03/10/22: This post has been updated to remove all potential spoilers related to the plot of ‘RIDE OR DIE’. Thank you to user ATungNUBoy for pointing out the potential spoilers in this post. 


13 thoughts on “Raging Stallion Finally Drops Debut Episode Of ‘RIDE OR DIE’”

  1. NO NO NO NO NO NO! Chris Damned Bludgeons Travis Connor To Death After Fucking Him! I’m sorry but this is just … SICK!!!

        1. Do you get angry at movie companies when they kill someone on screen. Do you get angry at micjael myers when watching halloween no, get a fucking life idiot

          1. Halloween is a horror movie, I go in expecting violence and even murder. If I was watching Mrs. Doubtfire and the kids bludgeoned him to death in a fit of gay panic you bet I’d have issues. If I wanna get off on guys beat the shit out of each other I’ll watch an MMA bout

        2. Oh my God you are such a freaking snowflake! Imagine being so triggered by something that isn’t predicated on some lame story subject. So why should something that doesn’t depict “murder” shouldn’t be in porn?

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