Ripped Theo Brady & His Big Dick Finally Return to GuysinSweatpants

It’s time to party like it’s 2019 as Theo Brady goes back to where he started his career, finally returning to GuysinSweatpants to shoot a new scene for the first time in three-and-a-half years!

Theo made his studio porn debut in 2018 at GiSP, and after shooting nine scenes for the studio moved on to bigger opportunities, primarily and Next Door Studios. While we’ve been admiring his ripped twink bod and big dick at Men for years now, it’s nice to see the cutie return home.

Theo Brady, Eros Theo Brady, Eros

Theo is paired with a smoothie making his porn debut: Eros, who asks Theo to “be very aggressive” as they chat in their opening interview (where we get to see Theo’s gorgeous eyes sparkle on camera…swoon!). I’m pretty impressed with the newcomer’s sucking ability, as he deep throats Theo with ease, making that big dick disappear (and to show off, keeping his mouth planted there).

Theo Brady, Eros Theo Brady, Eros

Theo then plants his tongue in the sub’s smooth hole before pinning him to the couch, starting to show off some of that aggression (also kissing the bottom as he fucks him). Theo’s big balls slam the bottom’s ass as he pounds him doggy and on his back in bed, and then we get another hot showing of Eros’ deep throat: After giving the bottom a facial, Theo slides his dick all the way in his cum-soaked mouth again for a hot finish.

Theo Brady, Eros Theo Brady, Eros

I wish Eros wasn’t in his jockstrap for practically the whole scene (we finally get a look at his hot cock at the end…whip that bad boy out earlier!). Would love to see him do some oral-centric scenes to show off those skillz some more. And welcome home, Theo!

See the full scene at GuysinSweatpants!


12 thoughts on “Ripped Theo Brady & His Big Dick Finally Return to GuysinSweatpants”

  1. Theo was nothing more than a gay baiter. He played on the gay label and then out of nowhere he started fucking females. He’s gross. He should’ve been honest from the beginning but no. Anything he’s a part of gets an instant thumbs down from me.

      1. ‘Fat-assed fuck!?’ I ran over five miles yesterday, why do I think it’s safe to assume a twat like yourself can’t do the same?

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