Rocco Returns, Cody’s Gutters, Tristan’s Pillow, Boston Butt, Cole Pole, Thundercats Ho!

In this week’s Social Circle Jerk, Rocco Steele gets even more mask, Michael Roman gets deep dick, Shawn Raymond fucks with us, a meaty lasagna load, Kristofer Weston has a word, and more! Vote for your favorite post!

Here are our latest favorite posts from the social media world…who had your favorite?

1. Rocco Steele is back…and very mask!

See more of Rocco Steele at JustFor.Fans!

2. Tristan Jaxx soaks his pillow

See more of Tristan at Raging Stallion!

3. Michael Roman takes Deepdick

See more of Michael at JustFor.Fans!

4. Speaking of DeepDick

See more of DeepDick10x7 at JustFor.Fans!

5. Marshall has a new towel rod

6. Lasagna has a meaty load

7. Smile of the week: Christian Styles (how cute is he?!)

8. Shawn Raymond fucks with us

See more of Shawn!

9. Cody Seiya cleans his gutters

See more of Cody at Sean Cody!

10. Cole Connor is hard at work

See more of Cole at Raging Stallion!

11. We want a mirror like Ray Dexter’s

See more of Ray at Peter Fever!

12. Skater swordplay!

13. Thundercats ho!

14. Can you smack your dick around like Trevor Ridge?

15. Daddy wants you to take a seat

See more of Positive Energy Daddy at JustFor.Fans!

16. Bush of the Week: Alphawolfe

17. Bubble butts run in the Boston family

See more of Dylan’s brother Michael at Next Door Studios!

18. We need to visit Australia

19. Sharok is so for the birds

See more of Sharok at CockyBoys!

20. We’ve all been there, Topher Stephens!

21. Kristofer Weston has a word

See where Kristofer ranks on our list of Top 10 Hottest Missionary Boys Presidents!


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