Roman Todd, Dalton Riley

Roman Todd & Dalton Riley Show Us the Best Use of a Bench Press

Truth be told, I’m more of a dumbbell press kinda guy…I just feel stronger and safer with them. But apparently I’ve been using the flat bench and barbell all wrong over the years, thanks to the new demonstration by Roman Todd and Dalton Riley.

First of all, whoever decided to pair these two in a workout themed scene…bravo! We’ve seen plenty of gym-themed escapades before (like Roman recently getting railed after being a selfie-snapping douce at the gym), but pairing two of the industry’s hottest gym bods together is long overdue.

Roman Todd, Dalton Riley Roman Todd, Dalton Riley

“How’d you get that ass so fucking tight?!” marvels Roman to a sweaty Dalton, who suggests they get a good glute workout in together. As Dalton preps an incline bench (okay, um, technically that’s not really glutes, but whatever), he’s intoxicated by Roman’s pecs when the stud takes his shirt off. Roman whips his dick out in front of the lockers, wasting no time in fucking Dalton’s handsome face.

Roman Todd, Dalton Riley

Roman Todd, Dalton Riley

They then head to the bench, where Dalton sits down and we get great position after great position—including my favorites, where Roman (grabbing on to a bar above him) fucks Dalton’s face, then sits his hole on the sub’s tongue. Dalton then gets fucked on his back and doggy, using the bench for support (the shots with him on his back where we get to see both of their bodies in full is fantastic). We also get a sequence with Roman sitting back as Dalton rides him.

Roman Todd, Dalton Riley

Roman Todd, Dalton Riley

Yeah, I wish this scene was a flip, too…but maybe we get that next time. Have you ever used a bench press this creatively? (I’ve certainly had fantasies about it…but sadly never had the opportunity.)

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


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