ryan rose colby keller scared stiff

Colby Keller & Ryan Rose Cum To Blows

When ringleader Jake and Ranger Steve are “Scared Stiff”, it takes something big to stifle the screams.

“Scared Stiff” from NakedSword Originals first descended just ahead of the Halloween darkness and took us all back to fall 1985.

After flip-fucking with nerdy Skip (Seth Santoro) while the killer was on the loose last week, no wonder Punk rocker Billy (Jack Hunter) renamed the secluded spot Camp “Cum-a-lot.” That name gets reinforced today.

Ranger Steve (Colby Keller) returns to the cabin to issue an even direr warning to the dude calling the shots, Jake (Falcon Studios Group exclusive, and birthday boy, Ryan Rose). Well, not just a warning. He had some strict procedures in mind to keep them safe.

But is Jake too cocky to obey?

ryan rose colby keller scared stiffFor his own safety, Ranger Steve orders Jake to drop trou. Just as he suspected, Jake is “Scared Stiff”.

ryan rose colby keller scared stiffHe’s not the only one. Even a man in uniform does not live by citations alone. He has needs just like the rest of us. Especially when a guy like Jake proves just as cocky as the ranger suspected hoped.

ryan rose colby keller scared stiffIn fact, Ranger Steve was more than happy to provide comfort to Jake’s cock before flipping him over to devour that big juicy ass.

ryan rose colby keller scared stiffPretty soon, Ranger Steve had a firm handle on everything. Especially Jake’s skull.

ryan rose colby keller scared stiffAnd then, they cum to blows. Big time. First Ranger Steve, then Jake. And not to worry cum fans, they both got a taste of fear today. A big one. And it was good to the last drop.

[Watch Ryan Rose & Colby Keller in “Scared Stiff” scene two at NakedSword]

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  1. Trump support is not remotely sexy in one way. No Colby Keller here please. Gross. Boycott. Didn’t watch, won’t watch.

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