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“Barron & Brysen: Bareback” Better Late Then Never?

This scene went up 33 hours after it was supposed to. Better late than never? Or better never than late? Whatever camp you ultimately wind up being in, there’s plenty to support your case.

Technical glitches happen. However, since Sean Cody also experienced a technical glitch Wednesday evening and that update was eight-plus hours late, the fact that no one was charged with checking on their marquee long weekend post is stupid from a even a self-serving business decision. It was also a fuck you to that shrinking pool of paying members that have hung in there this long and keep the site, such as it is, still afloat for everyone else.

sean cody brysenWho’s going to like this? If you liked seeing Barron get fucked by Daniel, unconditionally love Brysen, enjoy aggressive penetration that’s closer to an anal assault than fucking, and/or you like a creampie enough to make the scene worthwhile for you, you are in luck. But trust me on this: mute that volume at the start or that all goes up in smoke.

sean cody brysenAs for the “power couple story”: Barron & Brysen were fuck buds in real life. Barron and his current boyfriend did web cam shows together. Only their shows together have stopped. That whole “met on the way to the set” & fell in love is BS. That makes the “skit” they have the guys doing to try to sell that crock as ridiculous as not recognizing Sean Cody’s first power couple will always be Asher & Deacon.

sean cody brysenThen there’s the filming: Barron’s skin color is pale bordering on translucent. Therefore, putting him in a white walled room noy only serves to make him look like Baby Huey being fucked by Brutus, it flattens Brysen’s tan to so an unnatural shade. The mix of shots is good I am happy to say. However, while the creampie Brysen gives is captured quite well, the remaining three cumshots are betrayed by being too far away or with focus issues.

sean cody brysenBarron And Brysen: when we last saw Brysen in June, he looked at the camera and said, “in real life, I’m a big old bottom bitch.” His beast mode on display today as is if he wants to refute that. And, as when Barron was with Daniel, Barron’s perpetually limp dick, facial expressions, and his vocals paint a picture of runaway being brutalized with a traffic cone and every bit the boner kill that sounds like.

sean cody brysenIf you can tune out everything but the penetration and the single creampie, all of the power to you. Enjoy. For everyone else, move right along. There’s nothing good to see here. You will have better luck here. Considering Sean Cody has been taking one long break all summer, for the rest of us, tomorrow is an actual vacation day. And that, we’ll enjoy.

[Watch “Barron & Brysen: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

What’s your verdict …


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