[Updated] Sean Cody Debuts Ripped Newcomer Brennan

Sean Cody’s beginning-of-the-week solo artist is named Brennan, and he’s a tattooed, extremely buff blond dude with clear plugs in his ears.

The site hints in the description copy that he’s “actually friends with one of our most popular models and was sent to us by him.” And in keeping with the recent trend of immediately following up solos with duo scenes by the same model, Brennan seems to be Brandon’s buddy from back in Nashville who he decided should be the first dude to fuck him on Friday, as Str8UpGayPorn first suggested, via a photo posted to Twitter last month showing Brandon and Brennan together, eating.

That’s got to be a weird thing to negotiate as a straight guy, right? Like, “Hey masc bro. We’re buddies, right? I’ve been doing to some gay porn for a while now and they want me to get fucked on camera. Would you mind fucking me? Just the once? Thanks, bro.”

[Update: Brandon’s top will, actually, be Tanner, as the site just announced.]

But Brandon is beautiful, and his chest is perfect, and for that reason you have all made him a star and the number-one “most popular” on the Sean Cody model page.

Brennan is really muscly, and is probably Brandon’s workout buddy. He’s got a nice but not huge dick, which Brandon probably prefers to one of Sean Cody’s bigger dicked tops. His chest tattoo I think says “Janke”? And he’s got a really gross one on his left shoulder of someone having his eyeball shot out?

But again, wouldn’t it have been less weird to get fucked by a stranger rather than a friend who you’re going to have to see every day, assuming they’re both straight?

Anyway, watch him jerk off and tell me what you think.











[Sean Cody: Brennan]


5 thoughts on “[Updated] Sean Cody Debuts Ripped Newcomer Brennan”

  1. His balls have shrunk so much from the roids that they don’t fill his ball sack. Also, like all the other new guys SC is getting, he can’t really get a hardon.

    So, a guy who can’t really get it up is gonna fuck someone who doesn’t want to be fucked. Can’t wait.

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