sean cody kieran

Sean Cody Kieran

“I would say my type is guys who are more submissive. I am a little vers — but I really like someone I can just dominate and be in control of.” ~Sean Cody Kieran

From Sean Cody today we have Kieran.

He’s a solid-bodied, big-dicked ginger.

And he’s also quite the shooter.

sean cody kieranHe’s also out, proud, and gay — which means the pronoun game has the day off.

sean cody kieran“Actually, the first time I jacked off I was 12-years-old and I learned about it from a camping trip … I was in a tent with a bunch of other guys … it was part of our church thing, our youth group.”

sean cody kieran“It was spontaneous. I wasn’t expecting it for sure.”

sean cody kieran“When we were in the tent, one of the guys asked us all, ‘hey, do you know what masturbating is?‘ … and he pulled out his dick and he showed us how it was done.”

sean cody kieranFirst time I was ever fucked I was 23-years-old. The guy was really cute. He had a huge dick. It definitely hurt.”

sean cody kieranI love having sex. I love bottoms that have a big dicks and an even bigger ass. But isn’t that everyone’s dream?”

sean cody kieranI’m currently partnered with someone and have been having a lot of sex with him. But the idea of coming back and trying stuff with new people is really exciting to me for sure.”

sean cody kieranKieran talks like a top, however, his soft voice would indicate he expresses that more physically than verbally. Also, there’s something a bit odd about his smile. On video, however, he looks much different — and in a good way.

sean cody kieranSee him again? You can bet on it. Only questions are how fast and with who? Watch this blog.

[Watch Kieran at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.


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