ChaosMen’s “Model Sustainability” Program

He first hit the blue screen as Lucas Leon at NextDoorStudios. Last time we saw him, Corbin Fisher introduced him as Kai. Now he back to Lucas Leon, but this time at ChaosMen.

Lucas Leon, as you will see in the original post below, is a man who gets around but never seems to stay at one site very long.

But this time, Bryan of ChaosMen is trying to pass him off as a fresh face: “It seems a lot of studios are no longer having models sign a short-term exclusive contact, and a few models are taking advantage of sampling studios they want to work with. Lucas Leon did a couple studios, seeing which would be a good fit. And I needed a Bottom.”

[Watch “Lucas Leon Solo” at ChaosMen]

Lucas bottomed in his scene for NextDoor, he did a solo and received a facial from Colt at CorbinFisher. As for ChaosMen, well, we already know what kind of plans has for him following today’s re-re-introductory fap.


[Original Post – January 15]
Usually, it’s former Corbin Fisher alumni who show up with a new name on another site. This time, it’s the other way around.

There was a time when Corbin Fisher was suing seemingly everyone for infringing of their copyright and posting pictures from of their models. They kept their boys under tight lock and key.

Sean Cody has a similar policy. Though even Titus was clearly no newcomer, they did go on and release an action scene with him and Brandon – who is now the former SC Brandon and now Men’s Brandon Cody.

corbin fisher kaiWhen it comes to Corbin Fisher, there’s Truman who is now NDS’s Chris Blades. Others now on the NextDoor roster include Carson who became cum cannon Dante Martin, Steven who became Chad Piper, and the one we just looked at on Friday, Rowan (who was Sheridan on Sean Cody before that) who is now Gunner.

corbin fisher kaiAnd today, we have Kai – but the acquisition happened in reverse. In the social media world of direct and instant messaging between porn star and fan, exclusivity isn’t what it used to since the studios don’t have the control they once had. Not that it’s a bad thing. And a model changing his name and showing up on a new site is pretty standard fare these days.

corbin fisher kaiQuite possibly, “Kai” didn’t tell Corbin Fisher about his previous work. It’s just as possible that is now longer a disqualifer.

corbin fisher kaiOf Kai’s solo, they say, “he brings himself to a shuddering, gasping orgasm with a huge load that goes clear past his shoulder!”

corbin fisher kaiThey seem to like him a lot. “Kai is something of a renaissance man – not only does he work out six times a week and swim to maintain his cut, sexy body, he has a passion for learning new languages!”

corbin fisher kaiThey end with, “Kai is just the kind of multi-talented man we like to have around and we can’t wait to see more of him!”

[Watch Kai at Corbin Fisher]

In reality, they don’t need to wait to see more of him. They just need to head to NextDoorStudios and look up his scene from early December under the name of Leon Lucas where he gave it up to Matty Strong.

[Watch Leon Lucas & Matty Strong in “Her Boyfriend’s Parting Gift” at NextDoorStudios]


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  1. I think that if you try out at three different studios, and not ask for a comeback. You should quit the industry. I was not impressed with him Lucas or Kai at two of studios.

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