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Suck? No. Creampie? Yes.

Sean Cody teams up Tanner and Cory. The headline, Cory doesn’t suck today. Literally or figuratively.

Cory. Big, buff, blonde, hairy and hung Cory. The problem is, he sounds a lot better in words than he usually is on video. Was Tanner the one to finally to get Cory’s unpredictable cock hard enough to deliver a man fuck? Well, I’ll put it this way, Tanner didn’t creampie himself.

sean cody tanner
Timing is everything. The scene Sean Cody unwisely aired following the Brandon’s porn abortion bottoming for Tanner was with Cory and Ollie. While not a letdown, and it was equally bad. One correction to make. Cory does suck today actually. No, not Tanner’s dick, but they do suck face and Cory makes quite a meal of Tanner’s ass.

sean cody tanner
Cory always seems a little detached. You can practically see his thought bubble saying “Get Hard, Stay Hard.” For the most part, he does. Even though the positions that work best for him aren’t the best for the camera, I do like seeing that big, strong, furry ass in motion.

sean cody tanner
It was really up to Tanner today to make it work and yes, he is on point. There’s even some spontaneous fluffing in the middle of fuck number two that did the trick. Just look at Tanner’s cock doing the “he’s hitting my prostate” bounce.

sean cody tanner
He shoots and then shoves that dick right back into Tanner. Creampie is served. If you are a Cory fan, this is definitely his best scene to date. But if you are a Sean Cody fan looking for the days of passion or chemistry, the good news is for $10 a month, you will now have access every Sean Cody video and really get your fill.

[Watch “Tanner & Cory: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

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