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Sean Cody’s Freddy Is More Than Ready

“That is just completely natural in my opinion because I went a year without sex … I mean … you could say I was cock hungry.” ~Sean Cody Freddy

Sean Cody is coming off a rough week and despite some residual technical tomfoolery yet today, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Especially when that tunnel belongs to newcomer Freddy.

21-year-old Freddy works every day, works out every night, has a pretty dick with natural pubes, a hot ass … and he’s gay.

sean cody freddyFirst time I hooked up with a guy it was scary a guy but at the same time, it felt right for the first time and I felt like I didn’t need to be celibate anymore. I felt I discovered the part of me that I had always tried to shroud away.”

sean cody freddyI love love love anal sex … it’s my favorite”

sean cody freddy“Being on top is all right – but there’s nothing better than being on the bottom — especially with the right person, the right dick, the right guy, the right environment …”

sean cody freddy“It depends on how big the dick is. It the dick is big, I’m a bitch, screamer, moaner — everything”

sean cody freddy“But if I’m into it, and the situation is right – which most of the times it is because as I said earlier, I love anal sex. I usually am a moaner.”

sean cody freddyFreddy comes across exceedingly comfortable on camera. He shoots quite a load after round one. It’s a little on the clear side but what it may lack in color, it makes up for in volume.

sean cody freddyRound two centers on Freddy centering his ass around a non-starter sized dildo affixed to the weight bench by a suction cup. He takes a cowboy ride, twists into reverse, and stands and shoots another big load Then, he ATM’s that sex toy that he just impaled himself with and licks his load up off the bench at the same time. Jackpot.

sean cody freddy“I would love to come back and have sex. There’s nothing that I would love than that. I love it here. I love the guys here. I would love to come back and have sex.”

Is Sean Cody dropping a hint that that may happen sooner rather than later? Sure hope so.

[“Asher & Daniel: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.


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