Sean Costin Turns Power-Bottom for Sebastian Hook at GayHoopla

“It was sort of a David and Goliath idea he’s been flirting with,” GayHoopla says of Sean Costin. At 5’9”, model Sebastian Hook is the Davey du jour to 6’4” Sean’s Goliath. But after seeing Sean’s dick throb the entire he was getting fucked, we might need to start calling him a power-bottom.

If gay-for-pay models are broke enough, they’ll fuck for cash, and that is nothing new. The fact that GayHoopla keeps getting guys who are broke, straight, and incredibly hot doesn’t always mean there’s any chemistry between the models (for that you might be happier with ChaosMen). But if seeing a big muscled, ripped, hot stud make friends with his prostate and twerk his ass onto a dick makes you happy, you’ll definitely cum watching this scene. Also, there’s some bonus foot-sucking action for all you foot fetishists.

Now, as if their entire audience were straight, GayHoopla takes a minute to explain that Grindr is a “new social media app to hook up,” (PS it launched six years ago), but theyn they don’t explain why two “straight” guys would be using it. (And we know by now that Sebastian is gay, like he said in his first pillow-fuck video, and that Sean has fooled with dudes in his personal life, so yeah it’s “straight” in scare quotes.)


















[GayHoopla: Sebastian Hook FUCKS Sean Costin]

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