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Sean Zevran Is A Total Knockout

“TKO Total Knockouts” cums to a close as one of the hottest men on the planet, Sean Zevran, shows he’s both a fighter and a lover.

Today is the title bout in “TKO Total Knockouts” from Hot House. Of course, Sean Zevran doesn’t need to enter the ring to be a winner.

Unless, of course, we’re talking about his big dick entering a sphincter.

Micky Jr could use some more practice at “putting up his dukes.” However, when it comes to putting up his ankles

sean zevran micky jr hot houseAfter first seeing Micky Jr in “The Ten Spot” from NakedSword Originals last month, we know this kid can take some dick. Today we find out he’s also rather nimble on his feet. In “TKO Total Knockouts”, the winner gets to fuck the loser. As Sean takes him for his victory lap, Micky also proves to be nimble on his back, on his hands, and with a mouthful.

sean zevran micky jr hot houseAgility in the ring can get you far. In this case, it got Sean’s dick far down his throat.

sean zevran micky jr hot houseMany a man has turned cartwheels over Sean. As it turns out, they may have been better off pulling off a handstand.

sean zevran micky jr hot houseMicky grips the cage for support with both hands as Sean forces him to stand on one leg. But once he feels Sean inside him, one of those hands finds its way back to his now throbbing cock.

sean zevran micky jr hot houseSean gets Micky’s legs pointing north and his back on the mat. Giving into the pounding, Micky explodes all over his abs while Sean takes aim and splatters Micky’s face in a heavy load. Then Micky clamps down his mouth on Sean’s still leaking cock for one final taste of victory.

[Watch Micky & Sean in “TKO Total Knockouts” scene four at Hot House]


2 thoughts on “Sean Zevran Is A Total Knockout”

  1. Sean Zevran is soooooooooooo much hotter when he has a full chest of hair. The smooth look is ok but let his chest hair grow all out and if he is sweaty, too…………H-O-T & S-E-X-Y!

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