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Shhh. Calvin Banks & Micky Jr. Don’t Know They’re Being Watched

What they don’t know won’t hurt them. But as for Calvin’s huge cock, now that might do some damage.

We looked behind the scenes.

We watched the preview.

And today’s the day: “The Ten Spot” from NakedSword Originals makes its debuts with Falcon Studios Group exclusive Woody Fox, Brandon Wilde, Calvin Banks & Micky Jr. in the first scene, “The Buck Fuck”.

calvin banks micky jr naked swordCalvin Banks was born to do porn. Certainly, he’s well equipped for the job. But more than that, he knows how to use it. And as we saw in the opening scene for “Ultra Fan” with Falcon Studios Group exclusive Brent Corrigan, he receives as good as he gives. Today, he gives it to newcomer Micky Jr. Fresh from Chicago, Micky is a popular go-go boy in Boys Town. As we’re about to see, dancing isn’t all he’s good at; this boy can take some dick – and Calvin has plenty for him.

calvin banks micky jr naked swordToday, Brandon Wilde meets up with Woody Fox, and they head up to Woody’s place. Their conversation is interrupted by a buzz at the door. Calvin Banks and Micky Jr are looking for a place to fuck. The magic of “The Ten Spot” is that’s where everyone is welcome as long as they leave $10 on the bed on the way out. Woody moves some photos hanging on the wall to reveal two strategically placed peepholes no one knows about. That’s the secret of “The Ten Spot”. As Calvin and Micky get started, little do they know they are not just fucking, they’re putting on a show.

calvin banks micky jr naked swordCalvin and Micky lock lips immediately, and almost as fast, Micky is chowing down on Calvin’s cock. Then he flips Micky over to eat his ass before banging his back door.

calvin banks micky jr naked swordAnd in an illuminating view, we learn that Calvin’s bull cock has a matching set of bull balls to go along with it. Then he got Micky in a reverse pushup meets plank power-fuck that is likewise making its first appearance.

calvin banks micky jr naked swordMicky climbs on and rides himself to his nut while Calvin pushes up from below. Then Calvin pushes Micky’s head back down to his crotch where he repurposes Micky’s face as a landing field for his load. The only thing left is a cum filled goodbye kiss and of course, leaving “The Ten Spot” on their way out.

[Watch Calvin Banks & Micky Jr. in “The Buck Fuck”: scene one from “The Ten Spot” at NakedSword]

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