Dillon Diaz, Cole Connor, Chris Damned

‘See All That Cum He’s Got On His Stomach? Clean It Up!’

Did you watch the big premiere of the Raging Stallion original drama series RIDE OR DIE yesterday? Are you looking forward to the series’ next episode? Well, did you know that the next episode is already out and available to watch on Raging Stallion!?

Yep – as part of the special premiere for RIDE OR DIE, Raging Stallion has already dropped episode two of this episodic, prison-centric series. This episode basically picks up right where episode one left off with “aggressive inmate” Chris Damned being transported by prison guards Dillon Diaz and Trenton Ducati to sit down with Cole Connor, the corrupt warden of Riders Correctional Facility, to go over the shocking events that occurred during episode one.

If you watched the first episode, then we’re sure you already know that Cole isn’t that great of a guy and currently isn’t too particularly pleased with Chris – who was supposed to just have sex with DA Travis Connor instead of having a very intense “outburst” at the end of their hookup. As he talks with Chris about his insubordinate actions, the already-pissed and short-fused Warden loses it as guard Dillon beings to speak up out of turn.

That’s when the verbal warden decides to call over Dillon and show Chris the correct way to please the wealthy men that are paying to fuck him. What follows is a very suspenseful bareback scene that has Cole spitting on Dillon, filling up his beefy ass, and shooting a load all over his stomach as both Chris and Trenton sit off to the side watching it all go down.

It’s then that the dominant warden brings Chris over to act as his personal cum vacuum and suck up all the loose seed covering Dillon’s naked body.

“See all that cum he’s got on his stomach? Clean it up!” commands Cole as Trenton directs Chris to lick up his wet pools of jizz. “Clean up all the evidence that he’s just enjoyed getting fucked up the ass.”

We won’t spoil the rest of the plot (like who Cole Connor gets a surprise call from at the very end of the episode), so if you want to find out any other details on this vid, you’ll actually have to watch this entire episode of RIDE OR DIE.

So what do you think of this latest installment of this drama series? Will you be tuning in for next week’s episode? Have you ever licked up some random globs of cum after watching a couple of guys have sex? Have you entered for a chance to win some worn RIDE OR DIE underwear yet? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire second episode of RIDE OR DIE right here.

[Watch RIDE OR DIE: Breeding Ground]


4 thoughts on “‘See All That Cum He’s Got On His Stomach? Clean It Up!’”

      1. Supposedly. That’s the problem. Dillon is supposedly gay and yet his fiancée and him are fucking females on camera and Dillon does massive amounts of str8 and bisexual porn.

        Chris who knows? Gay one minute, pansexual the next.

        Connor already said that he would like to do bisexual porn and fuck females all the while claiming to be gay.

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