Seth Cain, Daniel Evans

Seth Cain vs. Daniel Evans: Who Looks Hotter Getting Fucked?

Two years ago, I saw something so stunning that the visual has gloriously stuck with me forever: The sight of Daniel Evans on his back getting fucked by a big dick, an aerial shot looking directly down on his hot bod and handsome, ecstasy-emitting face.

In case you need a reminder of what he looked like getting fucked by Lane Colton

Daniel Evans

It’s a skill he’s since shown offagain and again—and I always thought to myself: No one will ever look as hot as Daniel getting fucked. But Seth Cain has entered the chat! He has been racking up his own library of hot overhead shots (again and again…including his amazing debut with Daniel) looking down on his ripped bod as he gets fucked—just like in this recent scene with Angel Elias.

Angel Elias, Seth Cain Angel Elias, Seth Cain

Angel Elias, Seth Cain

The action actually starts with Seth getting his rock-hard cock slurped, then he goes down on Angel’s big uncut slab. Seth then bends over and offers up that hole for Angel’s finger and tongue (I love watching Angel eat ass…you can tell he loves it). That’s a warmup for that big cock, with Angel’s bush soon slamming the bottom’s ass as he takes him doggy.

Angel Elias, Seth Cain Angel Elias, Seth Cain

Angel Elias, Seth Cain

Then Seth gets on his back and shows off that hot bod as he takes it, smiling the entire time before they bust. So who looks hotter in those overhead fuck shots: Daniel or Seth? (Yeah, we think it’s a tie, too…)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


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