Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans

Sean Xavier Sucks & Fucks Daniel Evans at the Same Time, Makes Him Squirt Twice

To pull off the simultaneous suck-and-fuck, you need at least one of two things: a big dick (or two!), and a limber body. It helps if you have both, like when flexible Gabriel Clark fucked and sucked hung bottom Mitch Matthews earlier this year. But if you have a huge cock like Sean Xavier, that will do just fine.

When we first saw the trailer for Happy Endings from CockyBoys, I was curious who that masked doggy was…and now we know it’s Daniel Evans, who plays a pup in training to dom Sean. (Do I wish this spooky feature climaxed around Halloween instead of just getting started around Halloween? Yes…but here we are.)

Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans

Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans

I’m elated to see Sean back with a vengeance, the performer returning to porn three months ago after some time away. He soon followed that up by fucking Evan Knoxx, and now he gets a crack at Evan’s boyfriend. Verbal Sean issues out his commands to his pup “Growl. Stay!”), who obeys on all fours—soon getting his hole munched and rammed doggy (natch) as a reward.

Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans

Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans

With his mask off, Daniel then gets on his back, head over the edge of the table to get a mouthful of big dick. Sean then leans into it for a hot 69, their two cocks hard as a rock. I love watching Sean deep throat Daniel’s dick, and the top really knows how to use his tongue wherever it is (including the bottom’s hole and pit). Daniel then gets pounded on his back, with the incredible sight of Sean slowly yet steadily fucking him and sucking him at the same time stealing the show…and making Daniel squirt twice (!) during the scene. That’s one talented top (but we knew that)!

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


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