Gabriel Clark, Grant Ducati

Wish Granted: Gabriel Clark’s Foreskin Makes This Bottom Rock Hard

Cute Bama boy Grant Ducati apparently doesn’t see a lot of foreskin down in the South, so he’s like a kid in a candy store when Gabriel Clark makes a deal with him: The bottom can munch on that fleshy sheath all he wants if the top gets to play with that booty.

And damn does Grant’s ass pop in those pants! But they look even better out of them, and after a cute opening interview between these two where Gabriel charms the cutie with his accent, the two smiling studs kiss and we’re off to the races.

Grant slurps on that uncut cock, and looks happy with every lick. Equally hot is watching Gabriel slurp on the twink’s smooth hole and big dick, which Gabriel grabs and pulls close to him as he rims the bottom. Grant is so great at showing off his schlong in positions where it isn’t always natural or easy to do (check out the pics above and below), a skill I greatly appreciate in porn stars.

Gabriel plows Grant from behind, but it’s when the bottoms down on that dick that the fucking truly comes to life. Grant gets rock hard in this position, his boner bobbing like crazy—and then Gabriel reaches around to stroke it as the bottom rides up and down (such a hot shot!). The bottom shoots on Gabriel’s chest, who then gets soaked in the top’s cum as this “culture clash” comes to a climax.

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


5 thoughts on “Wish Granted: Gabriel Clark’s Foreskin Makes This Bottom Rock Hard”

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen a bad Gabriel Clark scene. He’s sex on a stick, such a beautiful man. I’d love to spend a few weeks in bed with him, topping and bottoming. Sigh. Having him speaking French while we make love would be heaven

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