skyy knox fucks johnny v

The Load He Never Saw Cumming

Slung, “Blindfolded”, and ball gagged, Johnny V is in his element and full sub-bottom gear. And for the first time on the blue screen, it’s Skyy Knox mounting that rear.

From his early work at Tim Tales, to his first scene as a newly signed Falcon Studios Group exclusive, to his brand new appearance in “Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2”, Skyy Knox has been a living example of star quality.

In every scene, he was also a shining example of a power bottom. But that all changes in the finale of “Blindfolded” from Raging Stallion. Today, it’s Skyy who is holding the reins as he takes fellow exclusive Johnny V runaway ride.

skyy knox fucks johnny vIndividually and together, both our men have some of the finest bodies anywhere. One of the benefits of Skyy topping is that body gets more screen time to be fully appreciated. Moving onto Johnny V, his gear would look like a costume on just about anyone else. But Johnny wears it, rather than the reverse. That’s because it represents who he is off screen as well. That’s an experienced and demanding hole. But Skyy quickly takes control and throws Johnny in the sling.

skyy knox fucks johnny vThe effect it had on Johnny V is obvious. The rigor and number of moves in a round robin of lubing, sucking, eating, and teasing employed by Skyy is relentless and impressive. This imaginative and primal cycle underscores the sexual tension generated in each scene of “Blindfolded”. It’s that the bottoms have no idea what is going to be done to them next. That only fuels the creative juices of their tops. I guarantee you Johnny V has never enjoyed a surprise party this much. Ditto for Skyy.

skyy knox fucks johnny vThe etched cuts in Skyy’s abs and obliques as he pummels Johnny’s hole is a visual to commit to memory. He pounds away, grabbing Johnny’s harness to pull him in and Skyy presses forward. And Johnny’s cock throbs handsfree in dutiful appreciation.

skyy knox fucks johnny vThen Skyy yanks Johnny from the sling, slaps on the ball gag, bends him over, and resumes slamming that hole. Now in sensory deprivation, Johnny jacks out a load that he seemingly sends into his next movie. Next, Skyy empties his balls all over Johnny’s face. He couldn’t see it. But could taste it. And in the “Blindfolded” ending kiss, he shared it too.

[Watch Johnny & Skyy in “Blindfolded” scene four at Hot House]

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