Super Dean, Mile High Boomer, Hungry Paul, Calvin Throats, Swole Joel, Hail Cade!

In our Social Circle Jerk, Dean Young loves super cock, Cade heads to Rome, Calvin Banks destroys throat, Boomer goes mile high, Paul Wagner is a snack, Skyy Knox channels Phoebe Cates, Vadim Romanov goes fishing, Ray Diesel’s anniversary, and more!

Here’s some of our favorite social media posts from July. Who had your favorite post? Vote in our poll!

1. Superbottom Dean Young!

See more of Dean at Falcon!

2. Boomer & Lias show off their altitude

See more of Boomer at NakedSword!

3. Calvin fucks throat

See more of Calvin at NakedSword!

4. Dear Colton: I do! I do!

See more of Colton at Falcon!

5. Cade Maddox toga party!

See more of Cade at Falcon!

6. Paul Wagner is a snack

See more of Paul at!

7. Vadim Romanov goes fishing

See more of Vadim at FuckerMate!

8. Skyy Knox channels Phoebe Cates

See more of Skyy at!

9. Dick Wiggles of the Month: Esper Acchi & Deric

10. We do too, Jeremy!

See more of Jeremy Feist at JustFor.Fans!

11. Evan Knox gets steamy

See more of Evan at Guys in Sweatpants!

12. Joel gets Swole

See more of Joel Someone at Missionary Boys!

13. Yes, Aaron Trainer…yes we would

See more of Aaron at NakedSword!

14. Tiago San‘s pits, bush and cock…fuck yes!

15. Backsides of the Week: Jimmy West and Aaron Chu

See more of Jimmy at Falcon and more of Aaron at Hot House!

16. Brush Stud of the Month: Wicomeva

See more of tropdaddy at OnlyFans!

17. Happy 17th, Ray Diesel (lookin’ gooood!)

See more of Ray at Nasty Daddy!

18. You are what you eat? Not so much for Mikey

See more of Mikey at HungYoungBrit!!

3 thoughts on “Super Dean, Mile High Boomer, Hungry Paul, Calvin Throats, Swole Joel, Hail Cade!”

  1. I thought the photo of Joel Someone with that grotesque object was ridiculous. I know performers gain by promoting brands, but that can damage the body of the user.

  2. How about some love for Jason Phoenix, long gone but never forgotten? He just made an amazing comeback with his OnlyFans, under the name of ronin_love

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