‘Take your rip, hold it in as long as possible…And your [sic] off to space’

“As some of you may already know, I am a “psychonaut”- a person who intelligently experiments with mind-altering chemicals and compounds of strictly natural means. My favorite as of current is Salvia Divinorum. What an amazing experience that is! In fact, I found the experience so mind-blowing, that I am doing all the research on the plant and its effects I can. Of my experiences on Salvia, this is what I percieve [sic] as what is actually happening when you ‘blast-off’:

Take your rip, hold it in as long as possible… And your [sic] off to space.

The effects are almost immediate and very powerful. As you become conscious of the Salvia you notice that things are starting to change, then you have a feeling of being “unscrewed” in a counter-clockwise manner (the primary soul resides in the crown of the head and was “screwed-in” in a clockwise manner) at the same point you become conscious of “others” who essentially “pull” you from your body, and “blast-off!”

Salvia only works like this if you allow it to do what its supposed to do, or you ingest so much that you cannot control it. You have “let-go” of your reality and conceptuality. Just like with all psychoactive drugs and compounds. In the state most humans are in now, their fear-addled minds would not let them comprehend things of this nature.

In the Salvaic state you have no recollection of anything, who you are, where you are, how you got there. A dream-like state where words are to [sic] slow and because you have no consciousness of yourself, you have no “thoughts”, a very strange “thoughtless-awareness”.

The trance Salvia puts you in is very hard to describe due to the very nature of Salvia and its ability to make words pretty much out-dated by the time you can voice them.

Sorry about not having new pics. I’ve been on the road and have barely had time to sit down at a computer and get these up. Next time for sure. Until then, follow me on twitter(@jjamessonxxx). I have some pretty interesting things to say there too ;-)”

James Jamesson, who’s not afraid to let go of reality.

[James Jamesson Official Blog: Numbers 1-5 and Salvia Divinorum]

10 thoughts on “‘Take your rip, hold it in as long as possible…And your [sic] off to space’”

  1. I thought existing in a place with no thoughts was James Jamesson’s usual state of being? Thank God he’s pretty.

  2. Hot photo of James Jamesson, but wish it was someone else’s cum. James isn’t the hottest mega porn star for nothin’! ;)

  3. Don’t judge me, but I find this totally endearing. I don’t know whether it’s his total failure to articulate what he’s trying to express, or the fact that he’s going to boldly try anyway. It’s just precious. Reminds me of the guys I used to mess with in college who were all high as fuck & into things like transhumanism and urban shamanism and Hakim Bey and Crowley. (With the added bonus that I don’t have to pick up after him, like 20 year old me did with those guys.)

    (This totally sounds condescending. But it isn’t. Really.)

  4. I thought that photo was of him blowing out a plume of smoke after “taking his rip” (whatever that entails) but upon closer inspection, it seems to be a creamy facial.

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