‘My Pits Smell Like Cum’

“I make plans to meet a guy off the interwebs at a new cruising ground I had never heard of. I am in the boonies. I drive out where the road ends into a bigger road onto a side road along I-5, past the river and into a parking lot by the bike path (who knew the bike path went this far, and what did fags do without nature paths?). His described car is there. I get out of my car and walk towards the path and the bushes, see him, and walk through the thorns…

We pull our dicks out after a bit of small talk about how there are no truckers or oil field workers looking for blowjobs before they go home today. I get on my knees and start sucking his cock. I’m impressed how big it gets. Then he starts sucking my dick, giving me a great blowjob, flips me around and starts eating my ass till he decides to fuck me for a while. Every now and then I turn around to suck his dick off and give him a kiss. Then he tells me to shoot, boy. I shoot a huge load all over my jeans around my ankles, the dirt, and my boots. I scoop up some of the cum, feed it to him and me and we start making out. When he gets close he asks me where I want the cum. Initially I get on my knees facing him but realize I’d rather have it in my ass (duh) so I flip around and he rams his dick in my ass and shoots his load. I make sure to milk every last drop. I taste it on his dick and from my ass. Pants up and back to cars. A bit of small talk, a “by the way, what’s your name?” and I’m back in my car. Total time: 15 minutes?

I didn’t shower for a couple days afterwards. I swear to god my pits smelled like cum.”

Cory Koons, who is as unafraid to go bareback on the side of the road as he is to blog about going bareback on the side of the road.

[Cory Koons: My Pits Smell Like Cum]

14 thoughts on “‘My Pits Smell Like Cum’”

  1. We’ll see how hot this is when anal warts pop up around his hole, puss spews from his cock and his eyes turn yellow. Oh yea, and the HPV lesions inside his hole…….tasty but sweet. Then, let’s make some racial slurs to drive it home. It’s shame and self hatred. REALLY, your getting off on someones pain. Cory wants potential infectionS, his choice…………my opinion.

  2. You guys are dumb if you read this as him advocating anything.

    Also, he is experimenting with writing. I’m 95% sure most — if not all — of this is fiction.

    You queens acting all appalled and clutching your pearls are no worse than book burning conservatives or reading “American Psycho” and thinking that Bret Easton Ellis “advocates” murdering women.

    It’s appalling.


    1. What he said.

      Also, I didn’t put this up to “show how fucked up” Cory is, but simply because it was a well-written, provocative story. Who knows if it’s true or not, and if it is, so what and who cares? He’s an adult and can do whatever the fuck he wants.

      1. “Well-written” “Provocative” !?!? My mistake to think you have any sense of morality Zach… Considering that you are a shut in and an introvert.

  3. If he’s taking these ridiculous risks, he’s basically asking to be found murdered in the woods. And it wouldn’t really be a loss now, would it? One less sociopathic disease spreader in the world.

  4. I swear to god… this guy is the scum of the earth. He is the same guy that promotes barebacking and spreading hiv, right?

    1. Well…by your logic, this site is “promoting barebacking” and “spreading HIV” by linking to Corey’s blog and posting his writing.

      1. Actually no it doesn’t. He glorifies it and has for awhile. Zach is just showing how fucked up this soulless creature is. Obviously, you’re in the same boat as Cory… attempting to stick up for him.

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