Jordan Jaric Recovering After 19 Hour Brain Surgery

Jordan Jaric’s doctor is “confident he got most of the tumor” out after a grueling 19 hour surgery that began Thursday afternoon and ended early Friday morning. It’s still undetermined if the brain tumor (discovered last week) is benign or malignant, but Jordan is alert–though obviously in pain–and recovering in ICU with his mom and younger brother.

Donations to assist Jordan during the lengthy recovery from this procedure (the former Falcon Studios performer does not have health insurance) can me made to: via PayPal.

[image via Twitter]

21 thoughts on “Jordan Jaric Recovering After 19 Hour Brain Surgery”

  1. Jordan Jaric is going back in the hospital again for another brain surge. please help a nice guy out.thank you.

  2. How about Falcon pay his bills. They make millions on his skin for the paltry amount the pay these guys. Step up to the plate CheChe and all you fat old bastards behind the camera taking advantage of these young (albeit stupid) men!

  3. Wow, the first guy?!?! The fucked up part…. this guy truly is evil. You are honest but yes you are inherently fucked up. Internalized self hatred. Yep, I hope you live a long time in your darkness.

  4. The first guy is right, its just porn. Bring on the next bunch of young stars willing to objectify themselves. I don’t give a shit if they have feelings, just show us the goods.

  5. Sheesh, I think most of the readers of The Sword come here for Porn NEWS not to jerk off. This story is news in the porn world. As I am often told, when I crtiticize Gay4pay, Next Door Studios, or trade performers…you can just ignore it. If you wanted some site to jerk off to then there are plenty but this site features actual stories about the industry and its performers.

    As for being Cunty, I don’t think you are cunty…I think you are desperate for attention and were not sincere with your criticism. You merely posted what you posted to get a response. I think that is how you escape your banality, by trolling and posting offensive comments so you get reactions.

    And damn if I didn’t fall for it.

    I would send a pornstar money for medical expenses long before I hired them as an escort or bought them something of their Amazon Wish List. I suspect their are many more like me and the reason a site like The Sword should run a story like this is to help them,

  6. It’s so sweet how Falcon and “Jordan’s” porn peers are going out of their way to assist him in his time of need. Glad to know that an industry that tries to focus on beauty is showing how cruel and unresponsive they can truly be.

  7. The debate going on here over Jordan Jaric is exactly what’s wrong with gay pornaholics: you love to consume copious amount of porn (mostly for free) to liven your dull lives but you don’t want any reminders that these are real people with real problems. Life is incredibly short. Is this how you want to spend it?

  8. This is exactly why we need Single Payer Healthcare in this country! To have to endure this, the added stress of whether or not one can “afford” to live is ridiculous. America the great my ass!

    On a more positive note, I hope it is benign and he makes a speedy recovery.

  9. sheesh, what I don’t get is why you said anything at all? whatever happened too if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? You talk about decorum? what about you? what you posted is very heartless and clearly has no decorum.

  10. Where criticism for this when you have it in other occasions towards certain other performers, who shall remain nameless, who claimed they left the porn biz because they had a brain tumor?

  11. I think it can be also assumed, that he may have a lot more personal problems then just cancer when you are tweeting your post surgery results and asking for donations while your in your hospital bed.

    Jesus have some decorum. Then again, I have to ask myself, “look who I am talking too?”

  12. If this guy has time to send a tweet via his mom, saying “Thank you, I love you all”….i think it is safe to assume he will be okay. (I’m rolling my eyes)

  13. No…you were not being cunty. You, my friend, are just a straight up cunt. Cunty implies you are normally a nice person who sometimes has a scorching coozebag moment. That post wasn’t a scorching coozebag moment–that post indicated that at the end of the day, you are fundamentally not a decent human being. Referring to pornstars as soul-less sex droids when they are not confronting a life changing medical event is one thing….however, you chose to be a raging shit stain of a human being when a quasi-retired pornstar confronted a life-changing medical event. Regardless of what he had done in the past in front of a camera, he is a human being and he is entitled to a certain baseline level of compassion. You are just incredibly foul.

    1. I think this post should have read:

      “me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me ….and then maybe you.”

  14. I am going to be cunty, but so be it: Why should I care this guy has a tumor? Is this an interest piece of some kind?
    Isn’t this a gay porn blog?

    I mean, where is the fucking, nudity, and hardcore porn?

    Since when did porn stars become media personalities? The lowest of the low on the internet isn’t Porn, it is facebook, myspace, and twitter. Everybody can share the most intimate details of banality in their lives. And all I can say is, so what!?! You went to the gym. Got a tan. Ate some dinner. Got a brain tumor….I don’t mean to be insensitive, but for me porn is about escaping banality. I don’t want to know about your horrible boyfriend, or the fact that you are dwelling on a personal crisis because you do porn. Or your health status. I don’t care about the fact that not ‘enough’ of black people are getting work in porn–or for that matter, the fact that you didn’t get an award for doing something, which quite frankly anyone with a boner prescription can do: to fuck! I don’t care. This isn’t about your dude. It was never about you. You are a dildo. Just a sex toy for people to get off.

    If I wanted to see some really heartbreaking cancer patients, I will visit st. simon and jude web site. Not the ‘,’ on one of the thousands diagnosed, who happens to work in porn. Okay?

    1. happyfreakin'easter

      In that case why don’t you just go kick a dog and stop wasting your time telling us what a fuck wad you are, a failed hateful, sad SOB. And when you or someone you supposedly care about has a tough time in life you will know why absolutely no one gives a flying fuck. Once you lose your humanity all hope for a good life is gone.

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