The Best Moment Of Golden Gate So Far…

…was the look on Riley Price’s face when Tony Buff pulled his cock out. That moment is in the Golden Gate season two finale, and the hardcore preview is below.

Take this for what it’s worth (I do work at the studio that produced this episode, duh), but I think this will be remembered as one of the best gay porn scenes of the year. The casting couldn’t have been better, and director Tony DiMarco brought out the best in Riley and Tony, two of the industry’s most popular performers.

If you missed the trailer I posted, Riley Price’s “Elder Jensen” is going door to door as a Mormon Missonary, and when he gets to Tony Buff’s house, guess what happens? Watch here.

[NakedSword’s Golden Gate: Bible Bangers]

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Coming this summer, Golden Gate Season 3, starring: Landon Conrad, Heath Jordan, Tom Wolfe, Kennedy Carter, Shane Frost, and more…


11 thoughts on “The Best Moment Of Golden Gate So Far…”

  1. “what more would you like from a gay porn scene; a rock hard big dicked top, an energetic bottom with a perfect body/ass?”

    How about a rock hard big dicked top, an energetic bottom with a perfect body/ass and neither of them have such an epically bad haircut that that’s all I can concentrate on?

    1. Really? Throughout that sex scene all you could concentrate on was a haircut? You need helpmwith your priorities.

  2. Wow. Watched this scene and I agree with the write: THis is probably the best scene of the year! Congrats to both Riley and Tony for giving everyone a top notch performance.Love Tony Buff and Riley is just a remarkable performer really shines here!

  3. Yes tattoos are forbidden but he may have got it before he joined the faith. And what is more worrying is he isn’t wearing correct undergarments for a missionary.

  4. Before anyone starts bitching about Tony Buff’s hair, they need to WATCH THE SCENE. The punk style totally works with the character and adds a “opposites attract” vibe to the whole scene.

    The scene itself is the hottest scene I can remember in recent history. Riley Price is completely adorkable as the Mormon boy- and he can actually act- Tony Buff is perfect punk temptation. From the spanking to Tony Buff fingering Riley, the scene does not scrimp in the lead up to the fucking but it doesn’t get tedious like some scenes. I don’t want to oversell it but it is definitely not to be missed.

  5. Hot porn, but Mormon missionaries don’t have tramp stamps! Tattoos are forbidden! Maybe that’s why he’s getting spanked.

  6. Before the stupid comments about the haircut; I wanna say; what more would you like from a gay porn scene; a rock hard big dicked top, an energetic bottom with a perfect body/ ass? A great scene

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