Golden Gate Episode 3: In Which Kennedy Carter Gets Slammed

This image of gay porn’s beloved ginger Kennedy Carter backing his ass up right into gay porn’s most ripped newcomer Lawson Kane is just one of about 10 zillion reasons why I love this episode of Golden Gate, “Emerging Artists.” Preview it below.

Unexpected pairs like this make the best porn, I think. Or maybe “unexpected” isn’t the right word? More accurately, it’s seeing two guys together who don’t look exactly alike that’s so great. Because how many times have we seen two identical twinks or two identical muscle jocks together?

What makes this episode even better is that Kennedy and Lawson were so attracted to each other, on and off set. In fact, before we shot this episode and before Kennedy even met Lawson, we showed him some photos of his well-hung scene partner. Kennedy’s instant reaction? “My God, I cannot wait for him to fuck me.”

Trailer (full episode here):


[Golden Gate Episode Three–Lawson Kane Fucks Kennedy Carter]



5 thoughts on “<em>Golden Gate</em> Episode 3: In Which Kennedy Carter Gets Slammed”

  1. You know your bored with porn when you love the art on display more than the performers. Who is the artist who did the paintings for the shoot?

  2. Is there a smart studio out there that will make Kane an exclusive? Or at the very least give him consistent work? He needs to be making a whole lot of bottoms squirming with pleasure.

  3. HOT!! I totally agree,Lawson Kane is super hot,hope we can see him more!! And Kennedy is just gorgeous!! That is definitely a hot pairing.

  4. what a hot pairing! and Lawson Kane is just stunning I hope that we get to see him in a whole lot more scenes from any studio!

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