There is a sentence I’m trying to type. Information. About these pictures. Why are they? How? What. What is even going on?/help.

They come from Benny Morecock (happy birthday, Benny!!):

Everyone loves Pornstars. And everyone loves puppies. So what better than to bring the two together for an epic glee-style mashup! Pornstars & Puppy Dogs— cuteness so adorable that it puts rainbows, unicorns and kittens to shame.

Cocky Boys Mason Star (dying), Kevin Crows (dying) Gabriel Clark (dying) and Tommy Defendi (dead).

[Cocky Boys]

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13 thoughts on “This”

  1. Aww look at Tommy and Mason’s pics….just when you think that they could not get any cuter whoop there it is.
    And yes lets give some props to Samuel and Chris with eggs n bacon……my heart melted when I saw the pix the first time.

  2. I want to cuddle them all and herd them in my kitchen and feed them home cooking. (And then watch them make out. The boys, not the puppies.)

  3. That is precious. On a side note…would love to see Mason Star let his chest hair grow out a bit and stay that way. Mmm

  4. If this is an attempt to make these porn actors look more human, mission accomplished.

    By the way, if I wasn’t already in love with Tommy Defendi’s puppy dog eyes, this just raised the saccharine factor by a million. <3

  5. Previous versions of this Puppies n’ Pornies photo sets were kind of interesting – but the more I see it, and now with these here, it’s a tad bile inducing. Puppies make owners look good, melt hearts, and complete us. This feels like someone, whether photographer, performer or publisher, believes it’s actually the porn dudes that make the puppies look good. Accessorizing with subservient quadropeds.

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